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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sarah Palin's Urgent Message

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Today is a very important day in our nation. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing her liberal health care reform agenda which the majority of Americans have already said they don't want. While everyone will agree that some type of reform is beneficial, a government take-over is not the answer. Who in their right minds would want bureaucracy getting between them and their doctors?

Over the past few months, we the people have voiced opposition to taxpayer-funded abortions, coverage of illegal aliens, and "death panels." So what response have President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and other far Left pushers given? They've lied to the American people about what's in the Bill and have attempted to ram it through.

Sarah Palin has given herself to battling the horrors of this Bill for months, refusing to be silenced in spite of President Obama, members of his administration, and many in the mainstream media going on the attack in a desperate attempt to discredit her. The last thing they wanted was someone of her influence to get the word out to the people. But she did--and she still is.

Today she issued a message to the American people via Facebook. It says in part:

Speaker Pelosi: Your Blue Dogs are Howling

I had a message for Speaker Pelosi in a speech I gave last night for the Wisconsin Right to Life – “please, please don’t break the ‘transparency promise’ by prohibiting at least a vote of your colleagues on funding abortion-on-demand.”

Speaker Pelosi has already broken many promises thus far in this “reform” exercise. She promised that this would be a bi-partisan effort, but the bill she’s pushing isn’t bi-partisan. She promised that the final version of the bill would be posted online 72 hours before it comes to a vote so that the American people could clearly see what’s in it and how we will pay for it. But she broke that promise too when she decided to rush the bill to a vote this weekend.

- Sarah Palin

Read the entire post here.

God, help us.

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