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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sarah Palin Sets the Record Straight, Again

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Via Facebook, Sarah Palin speaks about last night's Wisconsin Right to Life event and the media's misinformation concerning it:

Great Wisconsin Event (And Setting the Record Straight, Again)

Great event last night in Wisconsin! It was an honor to meet great Americans who are working so hard to remind us of life's sanctity and value. I commend this fine state for its efforts to make our nation a more welcoming place for all children.

Let me set the record straight on the media's follow-up reports of the great event: Despite what CNN reported, decisions about not allowing cameras at the event were the prerogative of the sponsors of the event, and I, of course, respected their decision.

I am about to set out on my book tour, where media will no doubt join us at many spots. In the meantime, I ask our friends in the media once again: please quit making things up.

- Sarah Palin

PS: Attached is a photo from the event. You can read more about the excellent work the Wisconsin Right to Life does here.

Maybe adding "please" to her request that the media quit making things up will produce the desired results this time. How 'bout it, media?

The governor has set the record straight. Wasn't there a time when journalists sought to get the facts straight themselves? But then again, that was when journalism was alive. I forgot; it died in 2008.

As an aside, isn't it interesting how those who mistakenly whine and complain that Sarah Palin won't allow the media into one of her events are the same ones who whine and complain that she won't get out of the limelight? Which one is it? This is classic Palin Derangement Sydrome. Symptom #1: Loss of reasoning faculties.

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