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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sarah Palin Speaks at Wisconsin Right to Life

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Last night Sarah Palin spoke at Wisconsin Right to Life. Fellow C4Per, K. Carpenter, was there and has provided a detailed report of what the governor spoke about. I expected her words to be passionate, heart-felt, and rooted in love for God and life. That's exactly what they were.

Carpenter writes:

Governor Palin then began to tell a story of a conversation she and one of her friends in Alaska had a few weeks ago. Her friend had picked up a couple of the relatively new $1 dollar gold colored coins. They were discussing what was missing off of the front of the coins. Those four little words that have gotten America through her most troubling moments, “In God we trust”. As she observed; those four little words have been pushed off to the side of the coin. No longer prominently displayed on the face of the coin but those words have now been hidden on the outer edge of the coin. As she observed, this is kind of where we, as a Nation, have shoved God in our own lives. She even stated that she had kind of done that with her own pro life movement. Yes, she was always pro-life but it was not really something she prominently displayed until she became pregnant with Trig.

Oh boy, when she talks about Trig, her entire persona just lights up. You can tell this woman is completely in love with that little boy. Governor Palin admitted that she was afraid before Trig was born on how she would handle a little boy with special needs. She also mentioned how she and Todd chose to work through the problems together.

The governor also spoke briefly about Bristol and the choices she had to make and the love and joy that Tripp has brought to their lives. Clearly, Governor Palin is very proud of her daughter and her grandson that is almost a year old. Governor Palin stated that people make mistakes but a beautiful child came as a result of that mistake. A mistake is no reason to take a life.

Please go over to Conservatives4Palin and read the entire article.

While there are many isssues on which individuals can agree to disagree, life is not one of them. It's too valuable, too precious, too fragile. I could rattle off a list of why I respect Sarah Palin as a leader and as a person. At the top of that list is her appreciation for life and refusal to compromise that position. She's not afraid to take a stand. Our nation needs this, and our unborn certainly do.

K. Carpenter ends her article with this:

Governor Palin left us with these words: "Don’t ever let anyone tell you to sit down and shut up”!

Don't worry, Gov, not sitting down, not shutting up, just getting started--like you.

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