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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rebirth, Forging, and Breaking Glass

Never again...

The death of McCain-Pain 2008 was the birth of Sarah 2012...

Defeat can lead to victory; progress may be circuitous, not in a straight line (Hilley, 2008, p. 163)

Her enemies thought they could destroy her...

...with a full-court hostile press, character assassination, hate, and vitriol...

...frivolous ethics complaints, and attempts to break her family asunder....

...they never realized the gift they gave her: Shugyo -- severe training...

Press experience, that millions of dollars in consultations and simulations cannot buy.

They forged and tempered her steel....

Executive experience, command experience, financial administration...

...Transformational Leadership, and the ability to withstand any media attack...

...she is laser polished.

She has been summoned and is ready...we wait for her to beckon us home....

The world will tremble beneath her sonic boom...

The last glass ceiling will be smashed from above....

...Followed by a High-G Vertical Climb...because she can...

Excelsior -- Ever Upward.


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Governor Palin Waving in Auburn, NY and Ronald Reagan Saluting -- Photo Montage by Ron Devito

Reagan Salute Photo

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Thanks to Team Sarah member MeLisa Stewart ("Missy from Mississippi") who had the photo in her gallery and shared with me...


F-22 Breaking the Sound Barrier over the USS Stennis

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Broken Glass

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Sarah Palin and F-15 Montage by Ron Devito

F-15D Eagle

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Governor Sarah Palin at IGHL

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