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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Limbaugh: The Dems Really Fear Sarah Palin

Rush Limbaugh had this to say on his November 3, 2009 radio show (emphasis added):

RUSH: It is conservatives who are the largest identified group in the latest Gallup poll, Mr. Plouffe. You can throw your party politics out of here. It's conservatives at 40, you guys at 20, and the moderate independents or whatever they are at 36%. You guys are at the bottom of that totem pole. But you see there's two things about this. They will tell us who they fear. Our Democrat buddies will tell us who they really fear and I'll tell you right now who they fear is Sarah Palin. They have done everything in their power to destroy her, and they haven't. If they really, really believe that Sarah Palin was the death knell of the Republican Party, they'd be shutting up. They would be encouraging her, some other way to go out and get seen, be seen as much as possible. And this business about centrists and moderates are abandoning the party, do you really think David Plouffe gives a rat's rear end about the health of the Republican Party? Do you think Obama and Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel and David Plouffe sit around and say, "Boy, you know, we really hate to see the Republican Party destroying itself. I mean, can you believe the Republicans are driving moderates and independents out of the party? I mean we gotta help 'em out here. We gotta figure out a way for them to hold onto those moderates and independents."

If the moderates and independents are being driven out of the Republican Party, I ask, where are they going? They're going to the Democrat Party, you would presume, and that should make them happy. This is why you gotta be very careful in accepting the premises of these people. They wish we didn't exist as a party, and they are trying to wipe us out politically. They're not worried that we're losing moderates and independents. They're worried that conservatism is on an ascendancy, they are scared to death of it, and they are really scared of Sarah Palin. They will tell us who they fear the most by trying to destroy them. I find this laughable. David Plouffe, all concerned, (imitating Plouffe) "Oh, driving moderates and independents out of the party, oh, it's horrible, look what's happening to the Republican Party. Oh, we care about the Republican Party so much. We really wish they weren't driving all these moderates and centrists out of the party 'cause we wish to have a viable opponent." What? These people think we're idiots? They do. They obviously do think that we are idiots.

If Any Republican Wins, Then They've Attracted Independents! http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_110309/content/01125109.guest.html

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