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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eddie Burke Interviews Me: Being a Black Conservative & Glenn Beck Appearance

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Glenn Beck had a great show planned for this Friday, and I was going to be on it. This was to be town-hall style, featuring an audience of Black conservatives. Beck has been calling this show one that will not soon be forgotten.

Unfortunately, Glenn has unexpectedly had to have appendix surgery, so the show is now scheduled to be taped next Thursday and will most likely be aired on Friday, November 13th.

In anticipation of the upcoming show, last night I was a guest on the Eddie Burke Radio Show. Eddie, Alaska's Best, interviewed me about the Glenn Beck television show, being a Black conservative, and Governor Palin's involvement in the NY-23rd Congressional District race.

As this will be Beck's focus, Eddie and I spoke quite a bit about the issue of race. As most people know, being Black usually means being a Democrat. Not subscribing to that worldview opens one up to being called a "sell-out," "Aunt Jemima," or "Uncle Tom." These insults most often come from other Black Americans who don't understand people choosing to "get off the plantation," as I often say. This interview with Eddie Burke addresses that, how the liberal agenda is counterproductive to the Black community, how it is the antithesis of the values so many of us espouse, and even how my support of Sarah Palin figures into the debate.

When Eddie asked how I am able to stand by my beliefs when there is such pressure--and sometimes resentment--placed on Black conservatives, my answer was simple: "It's just called the courage of your convictions."

Eddie asked some great questions during this interview, which led to an insightful conversation. Be sure to listen to both parts 1 and 2--and be sure to tune into Glenn Beck next week.

(Thanks to Sheya at C4P for the audio)

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