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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Feminism: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

What an eventful day yesterday. As you all know, Sarah Palin was scheduled to be a guest on #1 Alaska Radio Show Host Eddie Burke's show. Right before his show aired, he informed me that Sarah would be appearing on Wednesday's show instead. (Eddie's show airs from 3-6 PST. Click here to listen.) He asked me to come on the show at 3:30 PST, so I called Rishi, Eddie's producer before 3:30, and Rishi was nice enough to tell me that he would call me when Eddie was ready. See, isn't he a nice liberal? Rishi ended up calling me back about 15 minutes later, and I was put on to be interviewed by Eddie. I hope you all had the chance to listen to Eddie's show yesterday because you saw how great of a host Eddie is. While talking with Eddie, I was struck with just how great the people of Alaska are. I cannot wait to visit the state in May and meet the great folks who live there.

It was during my conversation with Eddie that I discovered what I would write about today. During our conversation, Eddie and I talked about a variety of Sarah-related issues, but it was our discussion of feminism that really fired me up. To many, including myself, Sarah is a modern-day feminist. She is a strong, intelligent woman who is happily married, loves being a mom and grandma and cherishes her career as well. The fact is that she stands for EVERYTHING self-described feminists have fought so hard against. She is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-marriage, pro-traditional family values and to top it all off, not afraid to dress feminine; she is comfortable in her own skin. Sarah is definitely the kind of woman these hateful so-called feminists warned us all about. The very fact that she chose life for her baby, precious little Trig, is further proof that she is not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. It infuriates these self-described feminist women every time she holds her baby, cares for her baby, loves her baby. It infuriates these women because they know that, unlike Sarah, they WOULD NOT have the courage to give birth to a child with special needs. That is why they hate her and loathe her; furthermore, Trig is evidence of just how precious and beautiful choosing life can be, which further sets these feminists tongues ablaze.

These so-called feminists preach equality and women's rights, while shunning the very fact that they are women themselves. They claim to want justice for women, yet they carry themselves like men. Instead of being proud proud of their feminine qualities, they wear pantsuits, flats and masculine haircuts. What happened to being proud of being a woman? Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with a classy black pantsuit, but I am talking about the self-described feminists who wear them. They hate Sarah because she is not afraid to wear a classy pencil skirt, blazer and heels. She is not afraid to wear her hair below her shoulders, put on some great makeup and flaunt her beautifully high cheek bones. When did it become wrong to want to appear beautiful both inside and out? When did it become so wrong for a woman to actually dress like a woman? While this seems like common sense to you and me, the NOW women, Planned Parenthood women and other liberal feminists out there do not believe in this type of woman. They do not believe a woman can be both intelligent and attractive.

Liberal, self-described feminists look down on Sarah for this very reason; it's as simple as that. They look down at her, as well as conservative women like her, because of the values she holds and the issues she believes in. Every time I watch feminists give interviews, I notice a common theme. These women all come across as being full of anger and resentment. I have been thinking long and hard about this. There is no doubt these women have successful careers and live comfortably, which is important, but something clearly seems to be missing from their lives. I fully believe this unhappiness results from the fact that they have found they are leading unfulfilled lives in which they seek to attain power, but lose out at experiencing any joys. Sarah Palin is an every woman in the sense that she has it all. The self-described feminists of today are clearly jealous of her for the life she leads. The extreme vitriol and hateful way in which they discuss her on television is proof of the fear they have of her, which speaks volumes in terms of the power she holds as a woman.

The very mention of Sarah's name has the power to destroy everything feminists have worked so hard for. More and more women are viewing Sarah as a strong, brilliant woman. The women of NOW and Planned Parenthood realize this, which is the cause of the ramped up attacks we have see occurring in recent days. Average-day American women are comparing these spiteful feminists to Sarah Palin, and they are asking themselves: "Do I want to be hateful, or do I want to be happy? What's so wrong with being proud to be a woman while holding a position of power?" Sarah is a happy, modern woman while her feminist counterparts are unhappily leading their lives as if it were still the Seventies. These same feminists who attack here and say she is a step backward for women are the same women who sit back and continue to watch as she is unfairly attacked. Where are these women to speak out on the sexist Newsweek cover that clearly takes Sarah out of context? Had that been a liberal woman on the cover, you know these groups would be out in full-force.

Where were these feminist groups when the AP put 11 fact-checkers to work on Sarah's book, clearly trying to discredit her? It is clear these woman do not care about rights for all women; moreover, they only seem to care about the rights of liberal women. My good friend, Adrienne Ross, of the blog Motivation: Truth gives an excellent reason for why organizations like the AP are doing everything in their power to bring Sarah down (courtesy of foxnews.com):

They're obsessed with trying to discredit her.... Because she's a conservative woman, they make fun of her accent, comment about her looks. She doesn't come in the package they want her to come in."

Well said, Adrienne. I believe what Adrienne said goes for the liberal-feminists who attack her as well. In attempting to bring her down, they are clearly illustrating the fear they have in the power this one woman holds. Sarah doesn't come in the plain, strictly wrapped feminist package- thank goodness for that; instead, she comes in a beautifully wrapped box, full of bold colors and topped off with a phenomenal red bow.

Sarah IS proof of how the times have clearly changed. She IS a modern-day feminist who is close to shattering the glass ceiling for women like me all over America. She is a successful woman who has a wonderful husband, five fantastic kids and an adorable grandson. It must really anger these women that Todd steps in and helps Sarah too. They are two equals, and for these liberal feminists who preach equality, one would think Sarah and Todd would be the poster couple for what a great marriage looks like. Yet, we are talking about women who loath traditional family values. We are talking about women who say they are pro-choice, but spew hate and judgment on a woman who CHOSE life. Sarah and modern-day medical technology ARE the reasons why people are choosing life. Women are seeing that little life in front of them on those ultra sound machines, and they are realizing that little being IS a living, breathing life.

When Sarah goes around the country with her family in the coming days, there is no doubt in my mind that the feminists who hate her will attempt to gain favor by speaking out against her just as they did when she held precious Trig on the campaign trail a little over a year ago. Let them try. Let them try to discredit her as an example of step back for women. Just remember this: We KNOW the truth. We KNOW what Sarah really is: She is a wife. She is a mother. She is a grandmother. She is a classy modern-day feminist who is not afraid to tell it like it is, doing it all in a classy skirt and high-heels. Yep, she is a woman of my time, a TRUE modern-day woman who will lead our country out of the wilderness and onward to that shining city on a hill.

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