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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sarah: Representing Us!!! A Post by Conservative Girl with Voice

Since it was announced that Sarah’s memoir would be released sooner than expected, it pretty much became a #1 bestseller within hours. This overnight sensation is further proof of the appeal that is Sarah Palin. While many claim that they cannot stand her, there is not a doubt in my mind that they know she is threat to President Obama and the agenda of the liberal left. This IS the reason why they fear her. They fear her because they know people listen to her. Sure, people may listen to other potential 2012 Presidential Republican Party nominees, but not nearly to the same degree. Sarah is much different than the Bobby Jindals, Mitt Romneys and Mike Huckabees of the GOP establishment because she is an outsider and not a member of the elite country club society. While many may define elitists as simply the rich, I do not. I define elitists as rich, powerful individuals who do not take into account the daily lives of normal-day Americans.

The liberal left is not the only group that is threatened by Sarah. The country–club wing of the GOP is too. They are threatened because they are finally realizing that no one is listening to their message because this wing of the party is not listening to average-day Americans. The average-day Americans who work hard, pay their bills and mortgage on time, and respect honesty from those who represent them. As an American, I don’t care if a politician attended a fancy college, or holds a prestigious degree. I want a politician who has a message I can really identify with, a message that excites me and makes me feel as if America can be better, stronger and more secure. Sarah is this individual. Although the men listed above are great Americans, they do not excite me.

I do not even like to refer to Sarah as a politician because to me, she is not the typical politician. I know she is a private citizen now, but even when she was governor and the Republican Party’s V.P. nominee, I always said “Sarah” when talking about her. During the election, I did not like referring to her as politician because I felt that did her an extreme disservice. Typical politicians talk the talk, but are unable to walk the walk. This is what is so wrong with politicians today. I’m sick and tired of politicians saying they are going to serve me when they do just the opposite. This is what separates Sarah from the typical politician. During the election, Sarah was the spark who ignited the GOP’s torch. Unlike other politicians, she excited us. I had never been excited until Sarah entered the national scene.

When Sarah speaks, I listen. I have never experienced this during my lifetime. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all about the great Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan had a knack for speaking to the people, not above them. Ronald Reagan had the God-given talent of being able to make people feel as if he understood their hopes and fears, and that he would do everything in his power to make Washington D.C. work for them. As conservatives, we don’t want the government to take care of us, but we do want them to listen to us and work for us. We elect politicians to make a difference. We have some great leaders in Washington D.C. who truly do care about us. Individuals like Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Mike Pence, John Boehner and Marsha Blackburn. There are probably others whom you can think of, but the point I am trying to make is that there seems to be a far greater amount of folks in D.C. who seem to be working against us instead of for us.

In speaking out on important issues, Sarah is speaking on our behalf. She is speaking for us, for our families and for our children. She has more guts and determination than the vast majority of politicians today. Many wonder: “What does she have to gain by doing this?” The answer is: “Everything.” Sarah has everything to gain because she is illustrating that one does not need a title to do great things. There are many normal Americans among us who confirm this. Individuals like Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe, and Anita Moncrief. These three strong, normal people are responsible for uncovering the corruption of ACORN. They are just like you and me. They are not powerful politicians; instead, they are powerful citizen journalists. This is what Sarah was talking about. The only criterion needed is the belief in yourself that you can make a difference.

With everything Sarah represents, I find it as no surprise that her memoir is #1 on the Barnes and Noble and Amazon Best Seller Lists, and I fully agree with Rush Limbaugh when he says he hopes Sarah sells five million copies. With her genuine personality, independent streak and can-do attitude, Sarah is not your typical republican. She knows what we are experiencing because she is or has experienced the same things. Just because she was governor, does not mean she is above the trials and tribulations that come in life. I agree with Sarah because I identify with Sarah.

As a young woman, I look up to her for everything she has accomplished. I look up to her because she represents a modern-day Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. I look up to her because she proved that you do not need to go to that fancy ivy-league school to be a successful leader. I look up to her because she is not afraid to be feminine and put on a skirt and a pair of heels rather than the typical, awful-looking pantsuit. I look up to her because she is a wife, mother and grandmother. Finally, I look up to her because she doesn’t give a damn about what others think of her. She is comfortable in her own skin and is not going to change for anyone. This is a woman I identify with, and this is a woman whom I hope to call my president come 2012.

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