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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Can't "O" be More Like Sarah? A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Okay, so let me get this straight. It was unacceptable for Sarah to leave Alaska for a short period of time to speak at the Evansville Right to Life Banquet, but it is totally fine and dandy for President Obama to travel to Copenhagen to lobby for the 2016 Olympic Games, in the hopes that the Games will be held in Chicago? Where is the outrage? Where are the media to lash out and criticize President Obama for leaving Washington D.C. when there are so many serious issues at hand? The answer is pure and simple: President Obama is a liberal, Sarah is not.

While working out yesterday morning, I had MSNBC on the TV in front of me. As I exercised, a report came on regarding President Obama's upcoming trip to Copenhagen. Now, I don't know about you, but I find it outrageous that the president is getting involved with an event like the Olympics when we have such serious, important issues our country is facing right now. As I listened to the report, I once again witnessed the double standard that has become the norm in regards to the treatment Sarah receives versus the treatment our president receives. Once again, the reporters were drooling and getting chills up their legs as they chatted about the trip. One reporter said how important and personal having the Olympics in Chicago would mean to Obama. Another reporter said how great it would be if Obama is able to twist a few arms. Readers, I thought to myself: "Excuse me while I go throw up."

Now, let's transcend back in time to when Sarah was governor of Alaska, and she said it would be an honor to address the Evansville Right to Life Banquet attendees. Remember all the flack she took? This is even after she had given the AK lawmakers plenty of warning regarding her intentions, unlike our president who made this decision only a few days prior to his trip tomorrow. Sarah planned ahead. She put her trip on the calendar, and she even told lawmakers to let her know if they did not think the trip was a good idea. No one voiced any concerns until just a few days before her trip. Why did they wait so long, you may ask? Because they wanted to be a pain in Sarah's backside. These cranky lawmakers knew they could get media attention while criticizing a woman who had taken the time to plan- doing so during a time in which lawmakers had nothing on the schedule.

Like President Obama, Sarah's travel decision was close to her heart. She spoke to a group of people who value life. This in itself was another reason the liberal left attacked her and criticized her. They did not approve of her speaking about an issue they did not agree with. Instead of explaining how near and dear Sarah's pro-life beliefs are to her as a woman, they attacked her and said things like: "How could she leave her state?" "How dare she speak before such a partisan anti-abortion group?" You see the double standard, now? You see the hypocrisy with all of this?

I wanted to write this "Random Thoughts" post today to illustrate the total disregard the mainstream media and liberal left have when it comes to Sarah and our president. Imagine if Sarah was president right now (From the bottom of my heart, I wish she was)- What would have happened? I don't even think I need to answer these questions because you all know the answers. This is the problem we have in America today. While we have so many individuals, like Sarah, who work hard and prioritize, there are others like our president who believe lobbying for the Olympics is much more important than worrying about the amount of troops needed in Afghanistan, or the good veterans in Alaska whose pensions just got taken away. How about the health care reform that congress is debating? How about our economy in which many are still losing their jobs on a daily basis?

Obama is our president. He is the leader of our country, but right now I view him as a lobbyist, back in Chicago, using those Chicago-style politics in order to get what he wants; in fact, Michelle Malkin recently reported that President Obama's Chicago friends would greatly benefit financially if the Olympics were held there. Yet the msm have yet to report this. The msm have yet to criticize Obama's decision to leave the United States during such a critical time in our nation's history. Wake up, msm! Since you are not going to report the truth, Americans like myself are going to do your job for you!

It pains me to see a president who cares more about his Chicago buddies than us, "Mainstreet U.S.A." folks. It pains me to see a president who cares more about how he is viewed in other parts of the world than for the good men and women who are risking their lives day in and day out so that we remain free and protected. Finally, it pains me to see a president who cares more about holding a vendetta against a now-private citizen (Sarah) than giving 26 AK Guard Veterans their pensions. I guess nothing surprises me anymore with this administration. This just goes to show where President Obama's true priorities lie. Mr. Obama is a man who would rather party it up, give favors to his rich buddies and soak up the fame and press that come with being president than do what he was elected to do: Serve the people, ALL the American people.

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  1. It breaks MY heart, too, about that outrage re the 26 elderly Alaskan (Native, for the most part) vets, who were so vital for patrolling & protecting our USA (NOT state) territory during WWII, being stripped of their pensions!! What is IN the cold, black (and I'm not talking skin color here!) heart of Obama? Cruel & sociopathic doesn't even BEGIN to describe his edict. But then, as many have pointed out, he has family members in Kenya that live in poverty - and, apparently, he hasn't given them one thin dime! Character shows - and his is somewhere between non-existent & abysmal!