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Monday, October 19, 2009

Hotair.com 2012 Poll Sarah Palin 63%, Cheney 13%, Romney 12% & Huckabee 8%

Is it odd how anti-Palin polls pop-up all over the MSM?  The few and infrequent polls that are less favorable to Governor Palin always seem to be big news.  The reality is over 90% of the many 2012 polls show she is the front runner.  Michelle Malkin’s Hotair.com offered the latest Poll on 2012 & Governor Palin with Sarah leading with 63% of the 4,538 votes cast. 
Another important question is, has HarperCollins issued a 2nd edition of Going Rogue: An American Life?  Boarders, Walmart, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have Sarah Palin Going Rogue: An American Life Covers displayed throughout many of there stores.  They all are also sending out e-mails offering Going Rogue at special prices in an effort to undercut each other.

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