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Monday, October 19, 2009

When it Comes to Sarah Palin, Schmidt Doesn't Know Shinola

Well, while I was out of town, ole Squidward (I mean, Steve Schmidt) was at it again. You guys know Squidward from Spongebob, right? He's the co-worker who wants to get ahead and knows he's smarter than everyone else around him. Spongebob really gets on his nerves. Squidward needs the friendly yellow sponge around to work in the back, but really, really, really wishes he would go away at the same time.

Yeah, so, Steveward decided to add a few sea worthy remarks to his sea slimy comments from a couple of weeks ago. You can get a refresher if you need it, here. NYDailyNews.com reports that he now says about Governor Palin:

"I believe to this day that had she not been picked as a vice presidential candidate, we would have never been ahead, not for one second, not for one minute, not for one hour, not for one day," Steve Schmidt said during a speech Wednesday at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, according to The Associated Press.

"Her candidacy excited the Republican Party," he added. "There was huge excitement that transformed the race."

Interesting, huh? Now, some might say Schmidt must have been called down by the bigger fish in the sea...or octopi, or whatever, to play nice...but I'm thinking maybe not.

Steve Schmidt knows a lot about winning fishing tournaments. If you do a bit of research, you will see that this guy has accomplished quite a bit of campaign feats in the political ocean of campaign strategy. While the McCain campaign seemed to have been a sinker in the long run for him, he has served, with great success, Cheney, Bush, Schwarzenegger, and Justices Roberts and Alito, among others.

Good campaign managers are extremely creative. They know how to work the press...get that "unearned" media coverage that makes the most of a situation and handle the rough waves when another situation gets more coverage than it should.

Knowing just a bit about that made it interesting to read an article that showed up in the Los Angeles Times on October 6, 2008, written by Dan Morain and Bob Drogin. The part that stood out was this:

The effort peaked with the choice of Palin as McCain's running mate. Convinced that McCain needed a dramatic gesture to make the race competitive, Schmidt pressed McCain to pluck the Alaska governor from obscurity.

Other than the candidates, no one in the operation has more riding on that decision than Schmidt. And no one has worked harder to turn the decision into a success.

He defended Palin against what he called sexist attacks, and traveled to Alaska to brief her before her first TV interviews. For three days, he was ensconced at McCain's spread in Sedona, Ariz., helping Palin prepare for her performance on the biggest night of her career: the debate against Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden.

I am fully aware of the bloggers that promoted Governor Palin and rallied to have her chosen for the VP nomination, so I don't put as much faith in the full responsibility of her being chosen for the position as Schmidt's idea. However, there is no doubt that the manager of McCain's campaign would not have sat back on his tentacles if he didn't believe he couldn't grasp the idea of the VP pick. Once he knew about Sarah Palin; he wanted Sarah Palin. Period.

That makes his previous statements dismissing her...weird. So, what's up with Schmidt's more recent comments that have a more seemingly overtone of adoration for Sarah Palin?

It could be one of several reasons...maybe he knows if Gov. Palin ever runs for a political seat again, he will get passed over for a very fun campaign ride if he doesn't blow the right bubbles. Or, maybe he knows she would never ask him, and doesn't care, but needs to validate to other potential employers that what happened in the McCain/Palin campaign was actually very positive, in order to offset the loss...and recent tentacle in mouth screw up. OR...you fill in the blank.

Whatever the reason, the Bikini Bottom line is this: Schmidt works to win.

And he didn't win in what was one of America's most important presidential elections ever. I think the Spongebob ice cream is getting on his last nerve. And while he knows the GOP needs Sarah Palin working in the back, he really, really, really wishes she would just go away.

Have I, along with others, been antagonized as a Sarah Palin supporter and told to GO AWAY? If you call filth laden communication that, then yes. But if you consider the very, very wonderful "politically shovel ready" people I have met, it's been worth it. I am continually amazed at the different backgrounds that merge daily to advance our movement.

It irritates the tar outta me, as we say here in the south, when those who are supposed to be well seasoned political strategists, that might give us some direction, say and do things that tear at our very fabric of organizational being. What are they thinking? I know who they are thinking about...and it isn't you and me.

And with that in mind, consider this sticker I received at my state fair the other day. How the heck are we supposed to fulfill this concept with the cannibal sea life we have in our own tank?

The last line of that LA Times article was in reference to other candidates that have written Schmidt, "Thanks!", to him over the years:

What McCain might write after election day has yet to be determined.

I don't know what McCain might have written, and I know Steveward will most likely never, ever read my blog posts or care they exist...but just for fun, I propose dedicating this video to him and reminding him that you cannot spew seaweed and call it love...and then expect our cooperation in return!

My favorite lyrics in the song?

Your attitude stinks and I hate it.
You're arrogant, cocky and rude.
You're selfish, conceited and jaded.
Everything's all about you;

You think that I'm lucky to have you.
You think you're so handsome, so what?
I'm calling you out 'cause I don't need this crap.
I'm gettin' myself out of Dodge.

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