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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The End of Heartless Capitalism

by NYPalinPower

Many of you know that I am an Independent. I take no political sides because I support the individual politician, the human being, and not the party ticket. I always ask myself, are these politicians sincere? Are they genuinely working for the good of the people they serve? I hold this standard higher than even policy decisions because to me it is the most important part of serving. Human ethics and goodwill today are at low ebb. One can't depend on the politician to vote only on good policy anymore because the votes are no longer controlled by one's own consciousness. They are controlled by a system of greed and selfishness. Politicians have lost the public's trust.

Washington is controlled by a mean, greedy financial machine. Our politicians are just puppets in a puppet show, they have no real power at all. They have lost control of the wheel and something terribly under the influence is driving! Both the Democrats and the Republicans are a part of this system. We don't have true public servants anymore, only self-interested and heartless politicians pretending to run our country.

Why am I saying this? And what does this have anything to do with Sarah Palin? Well I just saw Michael Moore's movie, "Capitalism: A Love Story". It was made in typical Moore style, offering his own slant on serious political issues along with some really funny comedy (he has to relieve us of the load he puts on us). I'm not generally a Michael Moore fan, but he is a "rogue" filmmaker and I really do like this movie. Granted he does point fingers at some politicians more than others in his typical bias way, but all in all the film has a lot of truth to it and is very relevant in the times we live in now. I think everybody regardless of party affiliation should go see it with an open mind and heart because it addresses a frightening problem we have in this country today, that Washington has little or no power left and it is way out of control. And they wonder why the people are getting a little angry?

Moore equates the term capitalism with the greed of the huge financial corporations of Wall Street and their power brokers, those he says are the main evildoers in our country. This is because our own politicians allowed this corruption to happen. I don't blame the corporations. They were just taking advantage of a very bad system that was more than happy to accommodate them. It's the politicians in Washington who created this system that has destroyed everything good about America. And unfortunately it's the people who are now suffering from this mess. This irresponsible and unethical behavior left scars on every American in this country.

So now the system is beginning to fall apart, and thank God for that! It is in absolute chaos now which I feel is a sort of a karmic payback. And I think that what we will begin to see as part of the healing process will be a major grassroots revolution. In the film Moore compares the fall of the Roman empire to where America is right now. I don't like that Moore is trying to turn the concept of capitalism into a destructive system, but truth be told its application and abuse over time has corrupted its original concept. As a small business owner, I would love true capitalism to succeed because I believe in healthy competition. Unfortunately, the capitalism of today is no longer what used to be. It's been slowly feeding upon itself and has now grown into a huge giant monster crushing the human being. There is something heartless and terribly wrong with the capitalism and politics of today. They are both inhumane. There must be a better way.

My real concern is that both parties seem to think they know in their own extreme ways the solutions to these problems. I don't believe that extreme in any form is the answer. This is why I don't like labels like conservative or liberal or right or left or Republican or Democrat. They don't leave much room for creativity or for freedom to work together for the whole. We are Americans, not Republicans or Democrats, and we need leaders to lead with wholeness and common sense solutions. It will take the very strong and good will of the people to force politicians to create newer and better systems that work in government that are also just and humane. But we don't need to do this by battling one another's ideologies. We don't need to fight each other or bully another or destroy the other side. There is no other side! We are all on one side. The only strength will come when we do the right thing in our hearts. So we need to be united together in this.

All evil is due to heartlessness. People know when they are in the game for themselves at the expense of others. Those who are fortunate can act with generosity and gratitude instead of greed. Those who have the great privilege of being an elected official can choose to serve with integrity instead of self-interest. The best thing in Moore's movie was watching the wonderful Congresswoman from Ohio, Marcy Kaptur stand up against the status quo. I would like to believe that she is an Independent at heart (even though she's always been a Democrat) because she stands up for what she believes is right for the people she serves and for her country, and she is not afraid to speak out against her own party. To me Marcy Kaptur is the hero of this movie. I once had the good fortune to meet her back in 1992 when she spoke at the United We Stand convention in Dallas. She was there supporting a very successful grassroots movement with third party Presidential candidate Ross Perot at the helm urging responsibility and reform in government. I admired her humane and ethical conduct and work ethic, and that always takes center stage in my book. She is a genuine leader and she serves from the heart. Which now brings me to Sarah Palin.

Sarah is also this kind of leader. And I hope she keeps an open and independent mind as she moves forward, following her own instincts and not the party line. I believe that with new ideas and new leadership in Congress, she can help in creating true and lasting prosperity for America. She already has a huge grassroots following and continues to attract more Independents and even some Democrats who are beginning to see her as that rare politician, a smart rogue outsider, which is what this country needs right now. And Sarah is naturally built for the job, she is fearless, but not heartless.

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