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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Boys Don't Cry: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Fox News is under attack by the Obama Administration once again. Remember when President Obama sat down with all of the major networks' morning political shows except for Fox last month? After this happened, Fox's Chris Wallace called the administration “the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.” In true Obama style, it seems as if since he cannot stand the heat, he is staying out of the newsroom- literally. While all of the mainstream media (msm) are in the tank for their Messiah, the Fox News Channel is the only major network who is actually standing strong against this administration. Instead of pandering, slobbering, fainting and getting all tingly over the sight of our president, FNC is actually doing its job. Yet, this is the exact opposite of what the administration wants it to do. Sorry, Mr. President, but it doesn't look like Fox cares how much it hurts your feelings because they have a job to do in actually reporting the news.

When President Obama and crew took over the White House, I sure hope they brought along with them some boxes of pacifiers and blankets because the members of this administration have become a bunch of crybabies as Wallace was so correct in asserting above. It seems as if we live in an over emotional age in which everyone has become prone to whining and complaining. The members of the Obama Administration are responsible for this because they want everyone on a level playing field. If you work hard to purchase a home, then they want the same for the Henrietta Hugh's of this world. It doesn't matter how hard you worked for that house or car, everyone should get the same even if you didn't work for it. This "Can't we all just get along?" mentality goes for the media now too, I suppose.

Just imagine what would have happened if George W. Bush had complained about the treatment he received from the msm? Unlike Obama, he would have been attacked endlessly and accused of trying to get the media into his good graces. Yet, we live in the age of Obama in which he expects us to play by his rules and on his schedule. This is exactly what he expects, and the msm have already fallen head over heels. In the process of falling, any ounce of credibility remaining drained from their liberal bodies.

The America I know and love seems to have transformed into the land of Obama where we have only one option: Obama's way. In the land of Obama, journalists get awards for tearing other politicians down. In the land of Obama, journalists get thrills up their legs and tears in their eyes when they catch a glimpse of him. Oh, yeah, and I can't forget that in the land of Obama's, journalists get taught how to properly sneeze too. In this oh-so-wonderful Obama Utopian society, everyone is going to be "A-Okay" just as long as you play by the One's rules.

This latest stunt of taking on the Fox News Channel comes after "The New York Times" quoted White House Communications Director Anita Dunn who had this to say about Fox:

"We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent.”

As someone who studied journalism in college, I learned all about objectivity and fairness. My professors made sure to reinforce the importance of making sure to "always ask the tough questions," and to make sure to "always ask the five W's of journalism (who, what, when, where, why)." Furthermore, I was never taught that it was appropriate behavior to incite getting chills or tingles up any body part- but them again, I only went to San Diego State, not some liberal-leaning elite college like our president or the journalists I'm about to mention. It is very clear when the David Shusters, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermanns, Katie Courics, Norah O'Donnells, Rick Sanchez's, and Rachel Maddows of this world lost their way, as it is with so many other so-called journalists of today. One man changed how journalism will forever be seen, and his name is Barack Obama. As we saw during the 2008 presidential campaign, these journalists just couldn't get enough of Obama, and we continue to see the media in a trance-like state in which they feel that it is their duty to build him up.

I hate to break it to individuals like Ms. Dunn, but the media, ALL media should be your administration's opponents. The media are supposed to hold individuals accountable, but the Obama Administration views itself as an exception to the rule. What is this world coming to when individuals are no longer free to question? You see, the Obama Administration expects the media to be good little soldiers and walk in lock step with the administration as it does its dirty work. Yet, Fox is not going to fall prey to Obama and his Chicago way. In questioning the administration, Fox is doing the job that ALL journalists are supposed to do. These in-the-tank journalists are not stupid, for they know what they are doing. In appeasing to President Obama, these liberal journalists have foregone their station of reporting in favor of the handouts and glitz and glamour. In keeping in lock step with this president, these journalists are not only looking like idiots, but they are virtually killing their networks as more and more people are turning away from their tabloid journalism and setting their televisions to Fox.

By treating Fox as an opponent, Obama is going to find out just how powerful this network really is. Fox is #1 for a reason, and they go above and beyond to be fair and objective. Now, don't get me wrong, Fox is not perfect, but at least the majority of the facts of the day are shared with viewers, which is a far cry from the loony bin that is the msm. Maybe it's time for President Obama and his administration to take some much-needed advice of Sarah Palin and develop some thick skin. Not only was Sarah attacked unfairly and horrendously during the campaign, but she continues to be mocked and ridiculed just because she dares to question our president. When she is attacked, does she have a temper tantrum, then run and hide in a corner? No. She presses on and continues to stand up and speak out. Our president has yet to learn that the media's job is to report; after all, the news' media are not "People" or "Us Weekly," and last I checked, this was America, not Candy Land. We can't all have our way, so, Mr. President and friends, take those pacifiers out of your mouths, cheer up and in the words of Sarah, a true warrior, grow "some thick skin." For, until you do, you will find, just as there's no crying in baseball, there's no crying in Washington.

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