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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sarah was right part 4: Russia isn't afraid of Iran.

- by Upinak

Russia has an interesting relationship with almost all other nations. She has never been one to back down from a fight, but something has been amiss in Mother Russia lately.

The Jerusalem Post published this interesting article concerning Russia and Iran, presenting two theories why Russia has no fear of the Persian state:
First, Iran is primarily a threat to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The mullahs will increase regional tensions and strengthen Russia's position there. Good relations with Iran could position Russia as a mediator between these countries and the Islamic republic. For example, the recent cancellation of the deal to sell Iran anti-aircraft complexes was used to leverage Russia-Israel relations.

Second, Russia can use its relations with Iran as a bargaining chip in opposing the United States. The latest events demonstrate how, by changing its position toward sanctions, Russia achieved its goal: getting Obama to cancel the AMD program and reversing the previous US administration's policy.
I think there is more to it then just what the Jerusalem Post has stated. Russia is a country that uses other countries to gain what they consider power, or a stepping stone of power. The Russians like to test other countries, such as when they probe American and Canadian airspace with their Bear strategic bombers, for example. But this isn't just about America and Canada. Russia is constantly checking the boundaries of what it can do to judge how other countries react, including Pakistan. The Russian Bear is playing with fire and grinning from ear to ear while doing it.

Imposing sanctions on loose cannons such as Iran will not make much of a contribution to regional stability, especially when nuclear arsenals are involved. Such a measure may only make it more difficult for those nations that are trying to keep the peace. Hillary Clinton is also on the front end of the situation, but there is something which just doesn't add up. Stating that Secretary Clinton never asked for Russia's help seems odd to me in light of another article which states that she said no to the Russians. Something is not right.

And yet here we sit, without what should have been a missile defense, waiting to see what will happen. Meanwhile, the Russians say they do no want sanctions on Iran... The 64 Megaton question is why not? Hmm.

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