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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Couch" Time for Sarah: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Sarah’s going to be sitting on Oprah's couch next month? Although it has not been confirmed by Palin Family Spokeswoman, Meg Stapleton, the Oprah Winfrey show released a press release yesterday, which stated that Sarah will be appearing as a guest on Oprah's show on Monday, November 16th- the day before her book "Going Rogue: An American Life" is scheduled to be released. While many, including myself view this as a brilliant move that will help Sarah reach a target demographic, many are criticizing Sarah and Oprah alike, which is unfortunate.

Sarah is a very savvy woman who not only easily connects with individuals, but also has a wonderful story to tell that I cannot wait to hear. Why would anyone be against an appearance of this sort? Well, while you and me are excited for this, members of the liberal left find themselves in an uproar. Last I checked, we live in America, the home of the brave and the land of the free. Maybe those who find themselves criticizing Sarah and Oprah have forgotten that there is such a thing as the First Amendment and Freedom on the Press. Isn't it funny how these same individuals, who claim to love Oprah's show, didn't voice any outrage when Oprah had Barack and Michelle Obama on her show? While I do not agree with Oprah politically, I did not voice my opposition because it's Oprah's show; therefore, she can have whomever she wants to have as guests.

Being the blogger and citizen journalist I am, I decided to investigate and find out just what was being said about Sarah's scheduled appearance. Not only was I shocked, but ashamed of what my fellow sex, in particular, was saying about Sarah. While there were a few positive comments, the vast majority of the comments were not only libelous, but also judgmental and cruel.

Not only were the majority of these individuals hypocritical and wrong in their assessment, but they are against any individual who does not agree with their Messiah. These individuals need to grow up and realize that not all individuals agree with them politically. There is such a thing as turning off the television. With their intense dislike of Sarah, it is not a far stretch to assume they are Obama supporters and fear Sarah because she is not afraid to speak out against the president. I find it humorous that these individuals call Sarah “dumb” and “stupid” and “uneducated,” yet how ironic that these hateful individuals are unable to properly spell when commenting- guess they’ve never heard of spell check and forgot about the lessons they learned in school about using proper grammar… What other explanation could there be for all of this hatred other than to conclude that they fear Sarah and what she might say? If Sarah were not a threat, these individuals would NOT be taking this hateful stance. Last time I checked, there was not nearly the amount of scrutiny for even the most controversial of Oprah guests, including the so-called pregnant man, Thomas Beatie. Yep, Sarah’s a definite threat to everything the liberal left hold most dear. They must really think we, conservatives, are stupid, but little do they know that we know the game they are playing.

The liberal left Oprah fans are wrong on so many levels in thinking they know Sarah Palin, the woman and Sarah Palin, the candidate. Unfortunately these individuals are not alone. Magazines such as People are also not getting the facts straight. You and I both know that Sarah NEVER refused to appear on Oprah. After endorsing Barack Obama, Oprah, NOT Sarah, said she would not being having any other political party’s candidates on her show. Last night, I received a tweet that People was reporting that, while Sarah refused to appear on Oprah’s show during the campaign, she is now having a change of heart. Here’s a portion of the bogus report from “People”:

“Oh, what a difference a multimillion-dollar book deal makes.

About a year after Sarah Palin famously turned down a campaign season appearance with talk show host – and major Barack Obama supporter – Oprah Winfrey, the former GOP vice presidential candidate has agreed to take her turn on the couch.”

Okay, either I was in a coma when Sarah refused to go on Oprah, or “People” is making this incident up. Since I’m perfectly healthy, “People” needs to correct its information and start reporting the truth. Perhaps they need to ask Oprah why she didn’t invite Sarah on during the campaign even though we all know why she didn’t. Oprah, like the liberal left during the campaign only had eyes for Obama. With this said, I must re-iterate that it is Oprah’s show, which entitles her to have any guest on that she wants to. As I write this, this bogus report still appears on the magazine’s website, which illustrates yet another example of the terrible state of today’s so-called media. Also, to elude that the only reason Sarah is sitting down with Oprah is to sell her book is outrageous. Where was this comment when Barack Obama went around doing book interviews for his books? Yep, the media just don’t get it!

As I mentioned above, there were a few positive comments on Oprah’s website. Nice comments like the following:

Ginnyzzz writes:

I quit watching Oprah and this website during the McCain/Obama presidential campaign. There were many reasons why I left, I did not think Oprah was fair to the other candidates, she only had eyes for Obama. One of the reasons I quit Oprah was her not giving Sarah Palin time on her show, after John McCain announced his running mate Sarah Palin. Finally Oprah wises up and Palin will be on her show! I think Sarah Palin is a strong role model in America for women "soccer moms" and all moms, and families. She and her husband Todd, and their beautiful children and grandchild were given a lot of crap from the hungry media but the Palin's stood strong. Their foundation is good. Good luck to Sarah Palin in the future and thank you Sarah for being a woman of truth and being there for the average Joe the plumber! I can't wait to read your book! Ps. We need Tort reform for doctors, We will lose doctors and nurses if this healthcare bill HR3200 goes through. Government stop spending our hard working tax paying Americans money! Pss. Go Team Palin!!! How can I get tickets for the Palin show?

Reagantman writes:

I could have joined in October to bash Oprah for supporting Obama. I didn't. The reason is this: despite whatever I may think of Oprah's politics, I respect her accomplishments as a businesswoman and a talk show host.

It's unfortunate that Sarah Palin can't be afforded the same respect by those who disagree with her.

The above comments illustrate the classiness of conservatives. Sarah, like Obama before her, deserves to be heard. I guarantee the individuals with the cruel comments above will be in the minority come show time, and mark my words: I predict right now that November 16th’s Oprah show will be one of the highest, if not the highest, rated Oprah show ever. Sarah has an amazing life-story that so many want to hear. People are sick of hearing the rumors and stories from anonymous McCain staffers, and people are sick of hearing the outrageous comments from people like Rick Schidmt and Meghan McCain. It’s Sarah’s turn to sit on the couch and dish, and like you, I couldn’t be more excited.

(I'm a Conservative Girl with a Voice!!! Visit my blog and become a follower: http://www.conservativegirlwithavoice.com. I'm on Twitter too @rachellefriberg.)

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