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Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank You Perry Center

Bristol Palin today posted on Facebook:
Today I had the privilege to travel to Fargo, North Dakota to meet the great people at The Perry Center and to share my story with them. I hope that my testimony can provide a little something to women facing difficult and straining times in their lives.

The volunteers and donors of The Perry Center truly are heroes, and I would like to share a little of what they do with you.

The mission of The Perry Center is to provide a loving home for expectant mothers; it is a mission of hope where faith in God provides a bedrock of support.

The Perry Center provides expectant mothers with guidance on a broad range of issues, including: pregnancy, adoption, parenting skills, and life skills education. The Perry Center also has a wonderful mentor program for expectant mothers that more often than not leads to lifelong friendships. This is just a small part of what The Perry Center does for women in the Fargo, North Dakota area.

Click here to learn more about the Perry Center.

The Perry Center also has a Facebook page in which you can keep yourself updated with their latest work. Please become a fan of their page by clicking here.

The Perry Center is always looking for donations, and more importantly, items that can help an expectant mother facing the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood. You can give The Perry Center a helping hand by clicking here to donate online or by sending them much needed supplies and other items.

I was honored and blessed to meet the great people of The Perry Center, and I hope that by following the links above, you can also help out the heroes there in any way you can.

I'd especially like to thank the Larson family, particularly Pat and her son Joe, for their gracious hospitality during my visit, and for their unconditional support for the young women who walk through the doors of The Perry Center. There's no doubt the staff, volunteers, and donors of The Perry Center are changing the lives of many girls by providing a safe home, a positive support system, opportunity and hope.

Please enjoy a a few photos from my trip below.


Bristol Palin

Meeting some of the moms at the Perry Center

With the Larson Family

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