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Monday, October 4, 2010

Talking with a Star: My One-on-One Interview with Miss Bristol Palin- A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Yesterday, I had the honor of speaking with the amazing and inspiring Bristol Palin. As a single mom, public speaker and advocate for abstinence and the pro-life cause, as well as a contestant on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), Bristol is a super-busy young woman, but was kind enough to speak with me about her appearance on DWTS, her advocacy campaign and what she sees for her and Tripp in the future. It was a blast to talk with Bristol, and I thank her again for taking the time to speak with me. Bristol is both charming and witty, and it was fun to share some laughs and light-hearted conversation with her. While so many well-known young people are caught up living the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle, it is refreshing to have a young woman of Bristol’s caliber taking a stand and making a difference. I hope you enjoy reading this Q&A profile piece as much as I did writing it. Click here to visit my blog and read the entire piece.

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