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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Palin: Renew, Revive, Restore. Intro'd as Next Pres

Gov. Palin unveiled what could be the theme of a possible 2012 Presidential run last night at the Bakersfield Business Conference and Combat Veterans for Congress PAC in San Diego, CA: Renew, Revive, and Restore.

Both venues were sold out, with several thousand present in Bakersfield. The organizer of the Bakersfield Business Conference, George Martin introduced Gov. Palin as "the next [P]resident of the United States," according to Jorge Barrientos of the Californian who reported on the Bakersfield event with photographs shot by Henry A. Barrios, also of the Californian.

[Ed. Note: The photos are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without express permission of Bakersfield.com, which has not yet responded to our request for permission. Readers may view the photos here. Video of either event is also currently unavailable.]

Bakersfield: Time to Stick Up for the Little Guy

Salient points, via Doug Brady, Conservatives4Palin:
Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate, told thousands of supporters Saturday enough is enough. It's time to stick up for the "little guy."

Foreclosures are high, stimulus packages are doing nothing to help the nation bounce back and the budget deficit keeps climbing, Palin said. Americans are out of work, and those with jobs are in fear of losing them, she said.

"Little guys across America ... and momma Grizzlies are growling," said Palin, a leader of the Tea Party political movement, wearing the signature red power suit and rimless glasses. "We're going to protect our cubs."

"There comes a moment in time, a moment we feel today ... when we have to say enough is enough. And Bakersfield, enough is enough. You can take it back."
"She asked why the 'cocktail party' considers the Tea Party movement extreme. 'For believing in American exceptionalism?' Palin asked," according to Barrientos.

Bakersfield: Our Best Days Are Yet to Come
The year 2012, Palin concluded, will be one to "renew our pioneering spirit."

"We will win this year," Palin said. "Our best days are yet to come."
San Diego: Combat Veterans for Congress PAC

Following her rousing speech in Bakersfield, Gov. Palin traveled to San Diego to introduce Alaska Senatorial candidate Joe Miller, and stump for other combat veterans running for office, as reported by Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin. Her speech at the $300 per person Patriotic Gala electrified the over 500 present. "These are candidates putting it all on the line," she said. "Tonight I get to say some things you can't say because I have no title, I have no uniform, I have no office."

Mama Grizzlies Growling, Rising Up

"The Mama Grizzlies are growling. We are rising up on out hind legs and we're going to change course," she said. "We need that real hope. We need that real change," Gov. Palin said.

Security at the San Diego event was enhanced following a death threat made against Gov. Palin.

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