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Monday, September 13, 2010

Meghan McCain Could Learn A LOT from Bristol Palin!!! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Did Miss Meghan McCain ever listen to her parents when they tried to teach her a little thing called manners? Once again, Meggie Mac has resorted to slamming the Palins in a very sad attempt to sell more copies of her newly released book Dirty, Sexy Politics. A few night's ago on The Daily Show , she made the following assessment when she told John Stewart about how her daddy's campaign wanted her to seek the help of an image consultant:

...when you’re sent to an image consultant and [it's] said that you look like a stripper and you talk bad and you’re hurting the campaign when there’s a pregnant teen there, it does a little bit to your self esteem.

Umm, Meghan, do you need a refresher course? That "pregnant teen" you refer to has a name: Bristol Palin. Her mother, Sarah, pretty much was the reason your father's campaign was brought back to life. Meghan McCain has a sister about Bristol's age, who was also treated unfairly as a young girl. If Meghan McCain had any decency whatsoever, she would remember the torment and anguish her little sister went through when her father ran for president against George W. Bush. It seems to me that Miss McCain has no problem dishing it out, but loves to play victim when the tables are turned. In an attempt to make herself look better, she chose to once again throw the Palins under the bus with another snide comment.

Meghan, did we really need to know that you were sent to image consultant? This seems like such a trivial piece of information to insert into a book, but then again, maybe that's why you haven't sold that many copies. If you really want to help the Republican party as much as you say you do, then, I suggest you do young Republicans like me a favor, and stop speaking for us. If you really cared about the Republican party and wanted it to succeed, you would start sticking up for the party's true leaders. You would start commending people like Bristol Palin for choosing life and being the excellent mom and role model she is. You would begin to think about others for a change instead of yourself, and stop playing the victim card.

What does Bristol have to do with Meghan McCain's little trip to an image consultant??? Absolutely nothing!!! Once again, she is illustrating just how jealous she is of the Palin family. It is clear she is jealous of Bristol's latest venture. You know Meghan would give anything to be on Dancing with the Stars. Many people, including yours truly, were so happy and proud when we learned Bristol would be a contestant. When she resorts to calling Bristol a "pregnant teen," this illustrates how much she still has to learn. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the words "pregnant teen," but I have a big problem with the context to which it was said. If it is true that she was sent to an image consultant, that is between her and the campaign. There is no reason why she had to drag Bristol into her drama. The main reason Meghan McCain once again brought up a member of the Palin family is because she is trying to make herself look better in the eyes of the liberal media. When she mentions self esteem in the above quote, it is clear she suffers from low amount of it. I hate to write it, but I almost feel sorry for this girl. There was a time when I really admired Meghan Mccain, and I used to think she would be a great first daughter-- That is until after the campaign when she began her Smear the Palins Media Tour. It's time for Meghan McCain to stop resorting to tacky tactics and start being the classy young woman her father and mother raised her to be. Bristol Palin is this kind of young woman. Bristol Palin is a classy, all-American girl who doesn't need the media or limelight to make her happy. Bristol is a hard worker who would do anything for her family and her son. Yep... Meghan McCain, you could learn a lot from Bristol Palin!!!

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