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Friday, August 20, 2010

Joe Miller is Ready to Win for Alaska!

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Alaska is so full of potential for great private sector jobs and responsible resource development for the future of the Last Frontier – if only the federal government would stop its overreach and let Alaska thrive. We need a Senator who understands this and promises to stand up for Alaska and fight Washington’s liberal agenda. We’ll get that in Joe Miller!

We’re pleased to learn that recent poll results show the Alaska senate race between Joe Miller, a decorated Desert Storm war veteran, former judge, and proven Commonsense Conservative, and incumbent Lisa Murkowski is getting very close. Joe Miller has surged in the polls and is gaining strong momentum, while Lisa Murkowski has taken a big downward loss.

Constitutional Conservatives and Independent voters in Alaska have discovered what the far-left Huffington Post concluded and boasted – that Lisa Murkowski is a ”center-right Democrat.” Our country does not need another Democrat in the Senate voting for the Obama agenda which is bankrupting us. Alaska deserves a senator who will not talk one way in the Last Frontier and then vote the opposite way in the Beltway. It’s time for Alaskans who are concerned about endless bailouts, ever increasing debt and deficits, and the government take-over of health care (all planks Lisa Murkowski has walked) to get behind Joe Miller.

Alaskans are learning more about Joe. Here’s what we know: We know that Joe will not vote for amnesty for those who break our laws, but we know Lisa has already voted for amnesty – on May 25, 2006 on S. 2611, and voted against funding for the border fence. As Joe says: “It is a simple question. Are we a nation of laws? I believe we are. Therefore, the President must enforce our immigration laws as written and secure our borders, not sue the state of Arizona for acting where the federal government has failed to do so.”

We know Joe won’t support more bailouts, but we know Lisa already has. We know that Joe won’t vote for job-killing cap-and-tax legislation, but we know Lisa will because she co-sponsored a cap-and-trade bill and boasted of her commitment to “the issue of climate change” and carbon taxes.

We know Joe will vote to repeal Obamacare, but we know Lisa won’t because she said that repealing this government control of health care “is not the answer.”

And this is very important: we know that Joe can be counted on to vote with Commonsense Conservatives in the Senate, but we can’t count on Lisa because she has voted with Democrats over 300 times and Human Events rated her one of the top five “Senate RINOs.”

Joe may be the underdog in this fight (because by using the power of a politician’s incumbency after being given her Senate seat by her father, Lisa Murkowski has outspent Joe six to one), but Alaskans see through this and are recognizing Joe’s ability to be a real leader. Lisa Murkowski is endorsed by special interests and unions. Joe Miller is a man of the people, endorsed by the people. But as Alaska comes into its own, it’s important to remember that this election is not just about Alaska; it’s about our whole country. Remember, when it comes to the Senate, Alaska is just as important as California or New York. One vote is one vote. Our Alaska election affects the entire nation. That’s why good conservative leaders and organizations from around the country are looking at this race and have stepped up to endorse Joe – including Governor Mike Huckabee, Mark Levin, Lars Larson, Laura Ingraham, Red State, and the Tea Party Express.

Joe’s campaign needs to raise about $30,000 for a crucial final media buy. We can do it if we all pull together. Please go to Joe’s website at http://joemiller.us and donate to his campaign. Let’s raise $1,000 for each of the 30 years this senate seat has been locked in by the Murkowski family. The only way for our state to reach its potential, and to save our country, is to elect reformers who will fight for Alaska and all America and will stand up against the liberal Washington agenda.

- Sarah and Todd Palin

Here's our yard sign!

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