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Friday, August 20, 2010

Greta: Palins' Entire Interview and AK Journey

Greta Van Susteren yesterday posted her entire interview with Gov. Palin and their Alaskan journey on GretaWire. During the series, Gov. Palin got to discuss the importance of drilling in ANWR; the working of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and its terminus in Valdez; the importance of energy independence to our national security; and the measures Alaska takes to protect the environment while responsibly using natural resources.

Flight, Part I retrieved from GretaWire.

Flight, Part II retrieved from GretaWire.

Flight, Part III retrieved from GretaWire.

Valdez Trip retrieved from GretaWire.

Not posted on GretaWire, but posted here to consolidate the series, the Wasilla and ANWR interviews are being re-posted:

Live from Wasilla and on the Record retrieved from: Fox News

Palin on Obama's Ground Zero Mosque Comments retrieved from:Fox News

'On the Record' in Valdez retrieved from Fox News

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