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Monday, August 9, 2010

Gov. Palin: Grace, Leadership, Smile Under Pressure

Note: Video Title Chosen by Leftist in Failed Attempt to Discredit Gov. Palin

Gov. Palin: Grace, Leadership, Dignity

In this video, Governor Palin exercised grace under pressure, sound judgment, dignity, and presidential leadership in her conversation with a protester who hung a large, hand-made "Worst Governor Ever" sign. Gov. Palin was friendly, smiled, properly explained her position, and wished her enemy well upon parting.

The protester was spouting the meme that Gov. Palin had resigned to "cash in" and was only focused on her celebrity. Gov. Palin explained that she is helping Reagan conservative candidates get elected. Throughout the exchange, Gov. Palin was upbeat, positive, and kept a smile, despite the protester's negativity. When they parted, despite their disagreement, Gov. Palin wished the protester well. The protester's heart seemed to warm to her.

Purposeful Distortion by Alaska Mafia and Leftist Media

The published accounts of this exchange tell a completely different story. The leftist media and Alaskan leftist bloggers as usual continue to blare outright lies about Gov. Palin's actions, in this case characterizing the event as her "confronting" the protester. By reading the headline, one would think Gov. Palin was involved in a brawl - the intent of using that language. The poster of the video - possibly Shannyn Moore, since the YouTube account belongs to "MooreUpNorth" - titled it as a "Homer Simpson D'OH" moment. This was no "D'OH". Gov. Palin handled the incident perfectly, as "MooreUpNorth's own footage shows.
"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors."

— African proverb

"In a calm sea every man woman is a pilot."

— John Ray, English Proverbs, 1670.
Quotes retrieved from: http://www.skygod.com/quotes/piloting.html

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