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Monday, August 16, 2010

First Amendment Rights--Except for Palin, Says Liberal Hypocrites

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

Sheya has a good post over at Conservatives4Palin. In it he puts the hypocrisy of the Left on full display. It's amazing how the rules change whenever Governor Palin is the topic of discussion.

Sheya writes:

When it comes to the double standard and hypocrisy towards Governor Palin, Greg Gutfeld said it best: "Palin’s Great at Exposing Liberal Idiots". Every time Governor Palin does or says something the left come out of the woodworks to compete on who can prove themselves to be the biggest idiot.

But when it comes to the hypocrisy, the Ground Zero Mosque controversy dwarfs anything we’ve ever seen before. Suddenly all those proponents of the mosque have become very concerned about freedom of religion as long as it’s not Governor Palin who exercises that right, for when Governor Palin merely utters “God” she is quickly pronounced by those same “freedom of religion” proponents as a radical extremist.

Those same proponents also cite the First Amendment as reason to allow the erection of the mosque. Once again the First Amendment only applies as long as Governor Palin doesn’t exercise her First Amendment rights. Every time Governor Palin posts a Facebook note or sends out a tweet those who are so concerned about the First Amendment are the ones calling on her to “Shut Up” “Go Away” or simply just die.

Governor Palin has not argued that the builders of the mosque don’t have the “right to build it” - they do. Similarly freedom of speech doesn’t justify one running around swearing or verbally abusing people, although “legally” one may be free to do so, it is still morally wrong. The same applies to building the mosque at ground zero. Yes it’s “legal” but it still is morally wrong. There is a fine line between “Legally” right and “Morally” wrong.

Governor Palin is a private citizen and deserves the right to voice her opinion on anything she wishes. No one has the right to tell her to shut up. No one is forced to agree with her, we can all debate the issue and let the one who makes the strongest argument win.

Read the rest here.

The wild thing is, Governor Palin drives the Left so crazy they lose all control of their faculties, which keeps them from recognizing their own hypocrisy that is so obvious to those of us in our Right minds.

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