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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund "Flight" in Watson Lake, CA

US 4 Palin "Fly Sarah from Wasilla to Washington" Campaign
"Sarah" is now in Watson Lake, Canada

How to "Fly 'Sarah' from Wasilla to Washington"
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Let's help the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund reach new heights and get Gov. Palin to Washington!

Sweet Clearance

"Sarah" and Laura were ready to go. Safety briefing complete, run-up complete, Laura called Whitehorse Tower and got her clearance. She smiled as she wrote it and turned to "Sarah". "This will be much better than yesterday! No reversals, no turn-abouts. We climb to 9000 feet, go south a few miles, then turn east, fly past the airport a bit to line up for landing toward the west. Done."

The flight took off for this shorter, easier leg, climbing to 9,000 then turning east toward Watson Lake. Laura noticed the autopilot oscillating the plane to get it on heading. She clicked it off, hand-flew, got it on heading,then re-engaged. The skies were clear for the first hour of the trip. This looked promising...

Rivers, creeks and streams cut through the mountains like mini fjords. The view was spectacular.

There was a brief period of unnerving turbulence as the strong mountain winds buffeted the plane in violent jolts. This lasted about 10 to 15 minutes. Laura re-assured "Sarah" that she had it under control. She slowed down to what is called "maneuvering speed" and rode the bumps out. The turbulence ceased, but it began to cloud up, and one peak stood out menacingly.

Laura loaded the ILS approach for the runway facing east. This would involve a circle to land like in Whitehorse, but she wanted to have the approach ready just in case. The clouds continue thicken.

The next 45 minutes were flown in and out of clouds. "Clear skies," "Sarah" said. She knew to never trust those predictions whether in flight, in life, and definitely politics. As the mountainous terrain flattened, the clouds became scattered and Laura could see through to the ground. The controller instructed her to turn more to the right to begin lining up for the airport and descend to 4500 feet. "Today, we're going to take the visual approach. I'm satisfied with the visual references and we're over flatter terrain now," Laura said.

"There it is off the left wing. See the river? See Watson Lake behind it?" "Yes. It's gorgeous." "The airport is on the north bank over there. Another 10 to 15 minutes." The controller let the flight go past, then instructed Laura to turn north, then northwest to begin her visual approach.

The landing in Watson Lake was smooth and beautiful. "Sarah" and Laura were now 765 miles from Wasilla. On the ground, they discussed a revised flight plan. Their next stop would be High Level, over 400 miles east. This would be followed by a nearly 400-mile southerly drop to Edmonton City Centre, where "Sarah" was to have a major meeting.

If you enjoyed this journey, please sponsor it by

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Last year, the Alaska Fund Trust was established to raise money to defend Gov. Palin against frivolous ethics complaints and lawsuits that were filed against her in a coordinated effort to drive her out of office. On June 24, 2010, the Alaska Fund Trust was replaced by Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund. Those of you who donated to the Alaska Fund Trust will be receiving refunds within 90 days from June 24. You will have the option to re-donate these funds to the new Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund, which is the official, and legitimate fund now in existence. Please re-donate those funds to the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund.

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