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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gov Palin Blasts Immigration Suit, Voter Intimidation

Governor Palin today Tweeted about the NAACP's resolution condemning alleged "racism" within the TEA Party. In that Tweet, she said,
I'm busy today so notify me asap when NAACP renders verdict: are liberty-loving, equality-respecting patriots racist?Bated breath,waiting...
In a subsequent Tweet, Gov. Palin gave a shout-out to Megyn Kelly who addressed voter intimidation by the Black Panthers,
Watch FOX's Megyn Kelly on Black Panther voter intimidation case;she knows the case;she's speaking truth;her revelations leave Left steaming
Governor Palin appeared on Hannity yesterday to discuss the Obama administration's disconnect with the American people, as evidenced by its immigration lawsuit against the State of Arizona and its mis-handling of the Gulf Oil Spill now nearly three months old.

Gov. Palin on Hannity Part I

Video retrieved from PalinTV

Gov. Palin on Hannity, Part II

Video retrieved from PalinTV

Fox News has provided a Rush Transcript of the interview.

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