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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Last Night's Results Tell Us: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

What do last night's poll results tell us? As a conservative blogger, there are three fascinating points that I take away from last night's results:

1) A Sarah Palin Endorsement is Gold: When Sarah endorsed Rand Paul in Kentucky, over the other candidates, many were left speechless. I know several individuals who said Rand Paul essentially had no chance of winning the Republican Primary. Boy, were these individuals wrong. Not only did Rand Paul win last night, but he won big. He managed to capture over 50 percent of the vote and energize a state and country in the process. Is Rand Paul the perfect conservative candidate? No, but I believe there is no such thing as the "perfect candidate." Each and every candidate has his or her own beliefs regarding what classifies them as a Republican or Democrat. It baffles my mind the way in which so many people seem to get their panties in a bunch whenever Sarah does not endorse the candidate of their choice. In the recent weeks, I have seen some very strong, offensive language directed at Sarah by members of her own party. When she endorsed Rand Paul and even Carly Fiorina out here in my home state of California, she did so after strong consideration for what would be best for the people of Kentucky and California. It is fine for individuals to disagree with Sarah's endorsements, but instead of attacking her online and calling her vile names, take your anger to the ballot box. Your vote is the greatest endorsement there is.

I am left wondering one thing: Since when did it become law that Sarah has to please everyone? Having met and talked with her, I KNOW FOR A FACT, Sarah is her own woman and makes her own decisions. She never makes any decision without first researching and doing some soul searching. This is one of the reasons I admire her so much. She makes her own path. With her endorsement of Rand Paul, Sarah proved that she is her own woman and as far from a Washington insider as you can get.

Rand Paul's victory last night overwhelmingly proves that the good people of Kentucky agree with Sarah's judgment. The good people of Kentucky are tired of the politics as usual and just want someone who will go to Washington to work for them, putting their best interests to heart. Thank you, Sarah, for stepping up and for being your independent self. You continue to energize and rejuvenate America!!!

2) The Tea Party Movement Continues to Move Full Steam Ahead: Rand Paul's victory last night can also be heavily attributed to the tea party movement. Don't let the lamestream/mainstream media try to tell you this movement is fading or splitting up the Republican Party. On the contrary, this movement is growing, and if last night is any indication, the movement will continue to grow and have a huge impact on upcoming elections. This is what the media fear. Just as their attacks on Sarah illustrate the fear they have in her, their dismissal of the tea party movement as being a serious movement is another sign of fear. The last thing the media want to happen is for average-day Americans to have a say and let their voices be heard. As soon as this happens, the media know they have lost in selling their president. We all know the msm are in the tank for President Obama, and the more the tea party movement grows and expands, the less of an impact the msm will have in selling false advertising. All I have to say to all of this is: "Rock on, Tea Party Movement! Keep fighting the good fight and taking the commonsense conservative message all the way to Washington DC."

3) If You're a Democrat, Stay Away from an Obama Endorsement: It is crystal clear, from what we saw last night, that an endorsement from Obama is an epic fail. There is only so much glitz and glamour an individual can take before they realize they've been conned. The American people are fed up with what is occurring in Washington. Americans are seeing the wasteful spending that is occurring, and instead of sitting back, they have decided to do something about it. Just like the tea party movement is taking the country by storm, so too is the anti-Obama mood. There isn't too much more to say about this other than to kick the bums out and, in the process, kick the antics of the Obama Administration to the curb.

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