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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thankful for my Beautiful Mommy!!! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice!!!

Happy Mother's Day to Sarah and Bristol Palin, as well as all of the other moms out there. I love my mom. If that old notion is true that a girl's mom is her best friend, then my mom is definitely mine. For my entire life, my mom has always put her kids first, making sure that we were always provided for. While my dad is awesome, and I love him to death, there is just something special about a girl's relationship with her mother. There are so many "girl moments" that I can recall having with my mom while growing up. I can recall a ton of funny moments and those moments that I had when all I wanted to do was be held and cry on her shoulder. I know I am lucky when I can truly say that my mom has ALWAYS been there for this Conservative Girl with a Voice.

I definitely know there were times when my mom probably wanted to pull all of her hair out over the antics of her three children, but she never quit believing in my brother, sister and me. She has always taught me to dream big and set big goals for myself. I can still remember the little things like her helping to run the PTA and always being there to pick me up after school and being the team mom for my softball teams. She has been there through think and thin- from consoling me in middle school over my "boy troubles" to taking me in her arms and telling me how proud she was of me even after I screwed up that puzzle during my appearance on Wheel of Fortune. I am so blessed and thankful God gave me a mom who has never given up on me even during the times I wanted to give up on myself.

I had a great childhood, full of so many ups and few downs, and mom made that possible. My mom was the individual who's responsible for the personal relationship I have with Jesus Christ. I will never forget sitting on the swing set, mom was on the swing beside me, when I was about five years old and accepting Jesus into my heart. I will forever be thankful to her and dad for bringing my brother, sister and I up in a loving, Christian home.

My mom has taught me so much, and I cannot wait to have a daughter whom I can teach the same lessons. One of the best lessons my mom has taught me is to always believe in myself and know that I can achieve whatever I set my eyes upon. This whole "world is my oyster" philosophy sticks with me to this day. I will never forget what mom told me recently as I sat in the car, on our way home from my Wheel of Fortune taping. I kept telling my family that I couldn't stop kicking myself for having screwed up that puzzle. I would have won about $17,000 and two trips- one to Britain and another to Cabo. I kept going on about the "what ifs" when mom told me to look her in the eye; now, for all you out there, you know good and well that when mama says to look her in the eye, you better listen and do it pronto! When I looked over at her, here is what mom told me:

"Rachelle, you were so blessed to be chosen to be on America's number one game show. Out of the millions who try out each year, you were selected. I know God has big plans for your life, and being on Wheel of Fortune is going to look like a small fete when you look back on your life. It is something to add to your bucket list. You are a beautiful, smart, intelligent young woman, and I know you will continue to succeed and do great things."

At that moment, with tears in my eyes, I knew my mom was right. I knew I had been blessed with the opportunity to do something so many people will never get the chance to do. With this said, I realize that I have so much to be thankful for and so much that I still want to do and achieve. It is because of the values and work ethic that mom has instilled in me that I know I can do it as long as I continue to work hard and rely on God in my life. Thank you, mom, for always helping me to believe in myself and NEVER giving up on me. I am so blessed and honored to be able to call you "mom." Although I may not tell you this everyday, I love you!!!

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