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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Palin: Gvmt which Governs Least Governs Best

Video retrieved from PalinTV


In her interview with Sean Hannity Governor Palin addressed the alarming "new normal" that the rush to vote on health care is creating: a corrupt political process, disregard for the Constitution and more policy changes being executed this way now that the floodgate has been opened. "This is not health care reform. This is take-over," Gov. Palin said. She added that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) is the "fall guy" for the procedural trick that is being considered, "deeming the Senate bill as passed by the House" without an actual vote, and "could not possibly have been thinking this up herself."

Gov Palin said that people have woken up and are seeing that they must hold politicians accountable and said that this "deem and pass" process is un-Constitutional, un-democratic, and un-American. "This is a scary place for America to be....everything around this ObamaCare goes against the will of the people...we have learned through American history that the government which governs least governs best, and that all political power is inherent in the people. Government originates from the will of the people and is implemented through the will of the people," she said.

"The process that Pelosi is pushing is unconstitutional. This is cut and dry, white and black," Gov. Palin said. Is the "Constitution not worth the paper it's written on?"

Hannity pointed out that Article I, Section 7 is very clear: "Congress is required to present the president with a bill that is identical in both houses." "That's not the case," he said. "There is supposed to be a yay or nay vote." Hannity and Gov. Palin's colleague Mark Levin has prepared a court challenge to ObamaCare if it is passed via the "Slaughter Rule." Gov. Palin predicted that the court challenge along with public wrath could defeat ObamaCare if it were to pass. She said "in our lifetime, this is the most un-democratic, most un-American step we will have seen our Congress take. It's appalling. It takes my breath away that they would think this is OK to do."

"We can't feign surprise....Obama said during the campaign that were days away from transforming America," Gov. Palin said.

"The independent American, the independent thinker realizes that we are going down a path that's not good for our country, this debt we are incurring, this take-over of one sixth of our economy," she said. So many independent Americans will be voting differently in 2010 than in 2008. Gov. Palin noted Congress' desperation to pass the bill no matter what so that the Obama administration can record a "win" for its agenda. "This does not bode well for those members of Congress who are up for re-election in November...they are sheep...going along to get along with Pelosi, Reid, and Obama," she said.

Hannity said he could understand this behavior from rigid ideologues like Obama, but questioned if there was not one Democrat with conscience who realizes that this is not constitutional. "Why would all these Democrats walk the plank? Is it because they want to be liked in Washington?" Hannity asked. "They are like a bunch of dead fish...only dead fish go with the flow....as a mayor, as a governor, I had to buck my party many times; I've had to go against with leaders of the party insisted I do."

"That independent, almost pioneering spirit courses through America's veins and has made us into the country that we are....what these party leaders are doing will catch up with them...that's what you're seeing with the TEA Party and other Americans rising up," she said. "They wanting from their leaders that independence and the moral courage to do what is right."

Hannity addressed Stupak and abortion funding, and the quote that abortions are being provided because children cost money. "Those who believe that the most promising and precious ingredient in this mixed up society is not a child? The most promising and precious ingredient is a child!" Gov. Palin said. "For that type of thinking to be involved now in the ObamaCare debate 'that well more babies being born - that would be a bad thing' is absolutely appalling. We have strayed in the past week...focusing on the process. The substance of the bill has not been discussed as much," she said.

"Americans do need to stay focused on what is in ObamaCare...there will be 150 new bureaucracies, commissions, and offices that will be in control of our health care.... Obama has suggested that he does not know what is in the bill. Pelosi said we have to pass it and then we will know what is in it. Some scary things going on right now."


The Slaughter Rule is absolutely un-Constitutional. ObamaCare will take-over one sixth of our economy and destroy lives. The methods being used to pass it will lead to the gutting of our Constitution and the passage of other equally nefarious legislation. Obama's seething hatred for our country is manifest. The mask is off. We need to keep the pressure on and ensure that this abomination does not pass and if it does to strike it down in the courts. We need to vote out all the bums who supported this. Obama is not presidential material. He is a complete, absolute, and utter disgrace to the office he holds, and we have 1,039 more days of him.

Our vigil is posted awaiting the moment that Gov Palin answers her summons to serve....

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