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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Johnston Helped Griffin Trespass Palin's Property

D-List Queen Extraordinaire Kathy Griffin trespassed upon the Palin's property earlier this month to leave an "invitation" to her "comedy" show, in which she hurled sexist and misogynist invective at Governor Palin, as reported in Kathy Griffin: PDS Fueled by Hate and Chutzpah. We reported that according to the Associated Press Levi Johnston introduced Griffin at her show.

Today, Patrick Gavin of Politico reports that "Griffin recently visited Alaska and knocked on Sarah Palin's door. (Palin wasn’t home.) Griffin had along with her Levi Johnston, who remained in his truck "because he's afraid Todd [Palin] would shoot him." (Gavin, 2010, ¶4).

Johnston conspired with, aided and abetted Griffin's trespassing. The father of a child he co-conceived with Bristol Palin, was at one time trusted and very nearly a member of the family. Yet, he made a conscious decision to drive a sworn enemy to the Palins' house where she was not welcome. Why would he fear being shot? Perhaps, because he was trespassing himself; he knew full well he was doing wrong; that he was some place he was not supposed to be. Ironically, Griffin said, "[t]here's a level of fearlessness that I like” (Gavin, 2010, ¶5).

While Johnston - who is well known the Palins - feared for his own hide, he wasn't afraid that this stranger on the Palins' property would be shot. If the "fearless" Johnston was a man, he would have left Griffin in the truck and dropped off the "invitation." Instead, he cowered in the truck, while the woman took care of business, though, it was her own nefarious business that was being tended to. This appears to be his modus operandi in life: leave the woman holding the bag, dump the responsibilities on her, while letting Rex Butler, Tank Jones, Playgirl, the Roll Corporation, and now Griffin use him as a pawn in their war on the Palins.

In our prior coverage, we wrote, "Griffin is reputed to be something of a cougar on the prowl. Could Levi Johnston be her latest quarry?" Today's coverage by Gavin appears to indicate he is. The 50-year-old Griffin said, "I only have eyes for Levi," who is 19 (Gavin, 2010, ¶5). Griffin and Johnston appear to be spending significant amounts of "quality time" together in their various pursuits. Her statement betrays at least the intent of extra-curricular activity, if not the existence of it.

Meanwhile, Tripp Johnston's mother is working, going to school, doing public relations for the Candies Foundation, and set to appear on the Secret Life of the American Teenager, addressing problems with teenage pregnancy - all while taking good and proper care of her son.


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