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Monday, March 22, 2010

Palin: Al Sharpton Says Vote for Obama Was For Socialism

Part I

Video retrieved from: Fox News: Hannity

Part II

Video retrieved from:Fox News: Hannity

A Damning Indictment: Sharpton Declares Obama a Socialist

In her interview with Sean Hannity on Monday, March 22, 2010, Governor Palin reiterated a direct quote from Al Sharpton as saying that those who voted for Obama voted for a transformation to socialism. For nearly two years, conservative commentators, analysts and bloggers have described Obama as either a socialist or a communist. When we did, our analysis has been dismissed as "right-wing extremism," "retarded," "name-calling," among others. I was among several who shouted it on the streets of Scranton, PA during the McCain-Palin campaign with the PUMAs, because the GOP which I am a member of did not have the courage to say it.

Al Sharpton, is almost universally reviled among conservatives as a leftist race-baiter. He is best known for his role in the hoax concocted by Tawana Brawley about a gang rape that never happened. That he agrees with us - that he agrees with Gov. Palin - as to what constitutes Obama's core ideology is a damning indictment and should give readers pause. Obama's friends and foes can finally agree: he is a socialist - and quite possibly a communist.

A Three-Front War

Governor Palin advocated a three-pronged approach to fighting ObamaCare during her two segments with Hannity: legislative repeal, lawsuits, and states exercising their Tenth Amendment rights. In my post covering Gov. Palin's historic post-ObamaCare Facebook Note, I said:
We will use all legal and political resources available to us to repeal, neuter, and destroy this legislation. We will work to strike it down in the courts and hamstring it with endless litigation. Our states will exercise their rights under the Tenth Amendment to refuse to partake in ObamaCare. We will vote out of office anyone who voted for this atrocity, purging and cleaning Washington, DC.
Gov. Palin said the worst aspect of ObamaCare was the complete disregard for the Constitution and rule of law. Gov. Palin said the bill had nothing to do with health or with care and everything to do with politics.

What happens if a TEA Party Candidate runs against a conservative Republican?

Hannity questioned Gov. Palin about the potential problems that could arise if both a conservative Republican and a third candidate born of the TEA Party movement ran for a given office. Gov. Palin said that such a possibility could be positive for it could force the GOP candidate to stake a stronger, more clarified position on the issues and cause the more politically correct candidate to wash out. The goal is for the strongest candidate to rise to the top.

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