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Friday, March 26, 2010

Leftists are the Source of Real Violence

The left is still completely unhinged over Governor Palin's "Don't Retreat. RELOAD!!!" Tweet and a SarahPAC ad with 20 cross hairs depicting 20 US Representatives to be voted out of office. Alinsky-trained radicals tried to spin the fanciful yarn that Gov. Palin wanted these Representatives assassinated, and it has gone mainstream with US Senator for Alaska, Mark Begich jumping on the bandwagon. Adrienne Ross addressed this nonsense here on US for Palin over the past two days in Governor Palin: Do Not Let Us Have Our Heads Turned (Update: Obama Needs a Vocabulary Czar), and Lying Liberals Target Governor Palin. Leftists Hate Palin’s Locking, Loading & Reloading Metaphor was my treatment of the subject. These three articles more than adequately establish that these leftists clearly are operating in an alternate universe completely bereft of reality.

Who's Committing the Violence?

Fox News reported yesterday that the Richmond Campaign office of Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor was shot at on Monday and that his "he's received 'threatening e-mails'" (Pergram & Turner, 2010, ¶1-3). Yesterday, a Twitter user posted death threats against the entire Palin family. And another Twitter user set up a sexually-oriented site with which to harass her. Free Republic is developing a list of violent acts committed against Republicans. Special thanks to Josh Painter for providing that lead as well as the lead to the ADN story where this bilge originated.

During the health care town hall meetings, it was SEIU thugs and Obama's people who committed acts of violence. During the McCain-Palin 2008 campaign, Joanne - a friend I campaigned with - was routinely called a four-letter word that roughly rhymes with "country" and was twice nearly physically attacked for her support of Gov. Palin. The perpetrators of these acts? Obama supporters. Joanne also bore witness to an Obama supporter attacking someone campaigning for the McCain-Palin side.

Leftists talk trash about the TEA Party and 912 movements. "They're fomenting violence," leftists scream. Number of violent acts committed by TEA Party and 912 members? None. Number of politicians shot at by members of the TEA Party movement? None. Number of death threats made by TEA Partiers? None. The other leftist canard regarding the TEA Party movement is "racism." Leftists proclaim loudly, "they hate Obama, because he's black." I have news for you: our issues with Obama have absolutely nothing to do with race or color. We find his policies repugnant, worthless, disgraceful, and contemptible, just like Jimmy Carter's. Unlike the leftists; however, we are addressing our issues via legal means and doing it the American way. It's leftists who acting out of blind hatred wanted President Bush assassinated. Now they're after the entire Palin family.

Gun Irony

Leftists really are a funny lot. Supposedly, they hate guns. "Guns are evil" they say. Only police and military should have them. We should not. Second Amendment? Pfft! According to "the Messiah," "the Constitution is flawed" anyway. When we use gun metaphors, leftists freak out. Their heads explode like a turkey's head hit with #4 shot in a 12-gauge 3.5-inch shell. But, these turkeys have no problems with guns when they're used for shooting at people like Rep. Cantor. As I documented in Leftists Hate Palin’s Locking, Loading & Reloading Metaphor, to these leftist loons, guns are perfectly fine if the person to be shot is Bristol Palin, while she was pregnant. The American Rifleman, an NRA publication did a treatment of Cuba's gun "amnesty" program. That article gives a very good synopsis of gun control in the communist nation. Of course, Che Guevarra - a hero to most Obama-philes - routinely used guns to execute those who would not submit to communist rule.

We should never forget, "Nazi" means "National Socialist," and we all know what the Nazis did.

Leftists want to take our guns away, because they want to use them to control us.

Bottom Line on Leftists and Violence

Leftists hate violence, except when they're committing it against us.


Pergram, C. and Turner T. (2010, March 25). "Cantor Says Campaign Office Was Shot At, Accuses Dems of Exploiting Threats." Fox News. Retrieved March 25, 2010 from: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/03/25/rep-cantors-richmond-campaign-office-shot-overnight/

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  1. I had to add a link to this post on a post I did about threats against Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Apparently there was a crazed loon on Twitter last night.

    Ron gets deep into the heart of the matter here. There are tons of examples of violence on the left.

    The media doesn't seem to think pointing out what Ron points out is important. That's probably because they're too busy figuring out another way to spin TEA Partiers and Sarah Palin as violent. It makes for more creative journalism on the part of the lamestream media, and you have to give them credit because they do most of that creative journalism without facts.

    But, the news media's job should be focusing on facts like the ones put forth in this post. Ah, those pesky facts just screw up their hit pieces on Palin, conservatives and the TEA Party, don't they?