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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kathy Griffin's Attack on Sarah Palin Unwarranted and Outrageous

Let’s put it very simply: what Kathy Griffin did was wrong. Sarah Palin is a classy, virtuous woman. Kathy Griffin is not - as her recent behavior in Alaska demonstrated. It is morally, ethically (and I suspect) legally wrong to attack the reputation of someone just because you disagree with her politics. Not only was Kathy Griffin’s “joke” a blatant lie, but she had the temerity to leave an invitation on Governor Palin’s doorstep for her to endure this vicious attack. This is outright lunacy on Griffin's part, and it makes you wonder if America has lost her mind by tolerating such behavior.

Bill O’Reilly asked the appropriate questions: “Where are those women’s groups? Why do they remain silent while Ms. Pain continues to absorb unfair cheap shots?"

His remarks about the incident occur at about 3:14 minutes into this video.

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