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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hypocrisy in America! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

I am sure I don't have to preach to you about the hypocrisy of the left. You see and hear it everywhere, right? In this age of Obama, it seems as if everyone is open to criticism EXCEPT the Democrats. In today's random thought post, I wanted to write about a recent episode of hypocrisy from the liberal left. It is no secret the Democrats are attempting to push through a heath care bill that, if passed, would be disastrous to America and everything she stands for. I am all for health care reform, and I believe there are many aspects that need to be fixed, but putting our health solely into the hands of the government is NOT the answer.

Just this past weekend, President Obama underwent his first physical since becoming commander in chief. While his doctor informed the public that Mr. Obama is in good health and "fit for duty," I found some of the doctor's findings interesting. Mr. Obama and his wife repeatedly push the need for "preventative care." While Mr. Obama and his wife push for this, Americans learned this weekend that our president had not had a physical since 2007- three years ago. As a strict constitutionalist, I believe people should be left alone as much as possible, but I also believe it is fair to call someone out when the person preaches the need to take a certain action, but fails to perform the action himself. President Obama: "Isn't the whole idea of this preventative care notion that you talk about mean that you need to see a doctor regularly? I'm just saying..." Usually, I do not care about when a president last went to the doctor if he is doing his job adequately. Although I feel this way, I do believe I have a right as an American to call out an individual who seems intent the wanting the government to run our lives for us. So, Mr. President, shouldn't you take some advice from Sarah Palin. She has no problem talking the talk and walking the walk. Maybe it's time you do the same. Remember during the campaign when the media repeatedly called for Sarah to release her health records? Brian Williams even asked Sarah about it during an interview. This same media that felt privy to call Sarah out now sits silent, but what else do you expect from a media that gets tingles up their legs and hot flashes on a regular basis.

Then, again, this is the Obama Administration we are talking about. An administration that sees itself as standing tall above all of us mere mortals. The hypocrisy of this situation doesn't end here. Michelle Obama's mission to end childhood obesity seems like a saintly cause, but once again illustrates the administration's attempt to control Americans. I believe Sarah said it best when she recently wrote that the administration could save a lot of money if it would just let parents BE parents. It is none of government's business what we feed our children. Parents know best what is good for their children. Sane individuals know best how to effectively live their lives. When the government intervenes and comes in between parents and children, this is crossing the line and opening the door to more government control. Once the government crosses the threshold of the home, where is the line drawn?

Throughout the entire 2008 Presidential Campaign, liberals pundits and members of the so-called media elite repeatedly questioned John McCain's health and Sarah's readiness should McCain win and become president, but get ill or die during his presidency. While they looked at McCain's age as a factor, it was his history of skin cancer that drew the most red flags from liberals. I still remember all of the ridiculous reports that I heard and read time and time again. There was no doubt that John McCain had the drive, enthusiasm and health do an adequate job as president. I have to wonder where these same pundits were this past weekend. While President Obama has not yet reached the age of 50 and is in good health, his cholesterol is high, and he continues to struggle with smoking. You all know that had this been President Bush's health report, the media and left would be jumping frantically up and down, voicing their concerns, but not with Mr. Obama. FOX News Channel did air a story and a live report about Obama's physical, but MSNBC did not even air so much as a mention of it. Forgetfulness or an error in judgment? I'll let you decide.

I really don't care if my president's cholesterol is a tad-bit high and he smokes because, frankly, it is none of my business, but it is unfortunate that the left does not see it this way. I applaud Sarah and individuals like her for calling out the democrats and their epic fail of a health care bill. It does not take a rocket scientist to tell us that we should eat healthy and exercise. Before the government attempts to come into our homes and tell us how we should live our lives, I suggest they stop and look at their own lives and lifestyle habits because the last thing Americans need is someone telling them to quit doing something they themselves continue to do. Americans deserve better.

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