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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin Campaigns for Rick Perry in Texas

Governor Palin spoke at a campaign rally for Governor Rick Perry in Cypress, Texas on Sunday. Christy Hoppe from The Dallas Morning News reports:

But it was Palin who brought the crowd to its feet. Her speech was filled with
comparisons between her home state and Texas.

She said she'd asked her daughter Piper if she knew where they were. "Honey, we're in Alaska's little sister state," she joked.

Palin lauded the state's ability to attract businesses and Perry's decisions to turn away federal offers for hundreds of millions in education and unemployment funding. Those programs would have required Texas to meet certain federal criteria that he said would rob Texas of setting its own path.

"When Washington came calling with money for expensive programs that Texas couldn't afford, he told them, 'Thanks, but no thanks. We're doing just fine without you,' " she said.

Palin also made reference to the dust-up Perry caused this summer at a Tea Party rally, when he said he could understand why some Texans might want to secede from the union.

"I think they got that wrong. Texas isn't seceding. They're succeeding," Palin said.

She concluded by saying that the country must get back to believing in its own "exceptionalism."

"There's nothing wrong with America that Americans can't fix," she said. "Let's get our country back."

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