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Friday, February 26, 2010

Gov. Palin Reacts to Health Care Summit

Part I

Part II

Both videos retrieved from PalinTV.


"Michele Bachmann summed it up very well earlier today. She suggested that 'maybe the beer summit was more productive and fruitful than what we saw today coming out of the health care summit. Maybe these guys should have popped some tops of of some MGBs and really gotten down to business.' "

Governor Palin described the summit as "a lot of political posturing" and how Obama "slid from professor at a lectern mode and slid right into the moderator at a meeting mode."

Governor Palin said that the Republicans at the summit did well and will continue to do well if they remain firm on the core issues: small, limited government, free markets, energy independence, and national security. The Democrats, in contrast appeared to be petulant and lecturing and bent on pushing forward a government takeover of one sixth of our nation's economy.

She noted that the Republicans have their own health care solutions, but the Democrats are not interested. Theses solutions, tort reform, and the ability to buy insurance across state lines could be implemented incrementally, rather than as part of a comprehensive package. She said proposals like price controls, as envisioned in the Obama bill would distort and manipulate our free market economy.

Governor Palin re-emphasized that the Republican Party should be reformed from within, that a third party is a bad idea, because we are a two-party system, and creating a third party structure and machine would require much more effort than reforming one of the two.

Ronald Wilson Reagan's Successor: Sarah Louise Heath Palin

"Fundamentally opposed viewpoints on how to meet the challenges in America Today" - Sarah Palin

"No pale pastels, but bold differences" - Ronald Reagan, CPAC, 1974

"A simple answer to the challenge...the TEA Party faces...is to pick a party" - Sarah Palin

"There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers." - Ronald Reagan

"Get the people in the party to understand what has built this great country and what will allow for a brighter future for this country...take over the Republican Party TEA Partiers!" - Sarah Palin

"A new Republican Party, a revitalized Republican Party based on conservative principles" - Ronald Reagan (as quoted by Sean Hannity).

"Get back to the foundation of America, build upon that and we will be a safer, healthier, more prosperous nation." - Sarah Palin


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