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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pro-Choice or Anti-Life? A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

As a woman, I consider myself a modern-day feminist who stands on the side of life. As a pro-life woman, I believe every child has the right to live. I have to admit that I did not always feel as strongly about my pro-life views as I do today. While I have always described myself as a pro-lifer, there was a time when I didn’t really have a strong opinion either way. Many of you may be wondering, “What made her change her mind; what made her garner the strong pro-life stance she has today?” My response is simple and can be summed up in four words: Sarah and Trig Palin. Before Sarah stepped to the forefront, I never gave much thought to the whole “abortion” debate. While I knew that I would personally ALWAYS choose life, I never gave it much thought beyond my own personal beliefs. Blame it on society, blame it on the media and pop culture, or blame it on my young, naive self. My entire perspective changed when Sarah illustrated how wonderful giving someone life could be. Little Trig Palin represents how amazing an experience choosing life can be. This little angel has changed my whole perspective on the whole pro-life/ pro-choice debate. This little boy is a reminder that ALL life IS precious.

The love the Palins have for little Trig is clearly evident. Sarah has said on many occasions that she cannot begin to imagine her life without little Trig in it. She has also repeatedly stated how much she has already learned from her special, precious little boy. The images I saw of Sarah and Trig FINALLY awakened me and made me realize that ALL life IS precious. As a young woman, I am so glad to have a role model like Sarah. She is the epitome of a modern-day feminist. My definition of a modern-day feminist is any woman who values God, family, career and LIFE. A woman who has a successful career and a loving family. This is an every woman, a woman who knows what’s important and seeks to make the right decisions even when those decisions may be hard sometimes.

I don’t care what the NOW (National Organization for Women) women think of me or my definition of what a feminist, a REAL feminist is. They can hate me all they want. For me, I view anyone who speaks out against a woman like Sarah and the choice she made as not only hateful, but cowardly as well. They are cowards because these same women who preach choice and equality, are not able to commend a woman like Sarah, Bristol and Pam Tebow for the choice they made in choosing life. They say they are PRO-choice, but from this girl’s point of view, they seem to be against anyone who goes against their ideas and agenda. I’m sorry, but not only is this group and groups like it hateful, but way out of line and out of touch with the reality of the world around them. After all, it is important to note that more people consider themselves pro-life now than in years passed. That’s right, NOW women! It’s called pro-life, not anti-abortion. I’m sure many of you are as disgusted with the media as I am, especially when they refer to us, in the pro-life crowd, as the "anti-abortion" folks. If they are going to refer to us by using this “anti-abortion” rhetoric, I guess we can refer to those in the pro-choice community as “pro-abortion”? Yeah, NOW women, that doesn’t sound so politically correct now, does it?

Although it is not politically correct for me to refer to those in the pro-choice community this way, it is the truth. I'm sorry, but these pro-abortion groups are speaking out against the choice that a very brave woman, Pam Tebow, made. When they speak out, it is almost as if they are speaking out against life- Tim Tebow is that life. I come to this conclusion because these very same groups who are speaking out against this Focus on the Family advertisement are the very same groups who have NOT even seen the advertisement in question; instead, they are resorting to hate-filled tactics in order to spread, what seems to be, an anti-life message. I realize this is harsh, but I have no reason to believe otherwise especially when NOW and other female groups like them have yet to commend Pam Tebow on her decision to CHOOSE life, that's right NOW women, it was her choice, not yours. Get over it!

Just the other day, Sarah posted a Facebook Note in which she discussed the double standard of these so-called feminists. I am so proud of Sarah for speaking out against the double standard of so many groups that claim to be for women. I am so glad Sarah voiced her support for Tim Tebow and his mother's decision to choose life after doctors told her that it would be in her best interest to have an abortion. Just think how easy it would have been for Sarah, Pam and even Bristol to go into a clinic and get an abortion. Instead, they chose life, which illustrates that good can come from even the least of ideal circumstances. This is why I am proud to call myself pro-life.

Sarah, Pam and Bristol are my heroes. Trig, Tim and Tripp are living proof that good can definitely come out of difficult circumstances. These three individuals are living proof of the miracle of life. How dare feminist groups like NOW speak out against an advertisement that celebrates life? After all, where would these women be if their mothers had chosen to have an abortion? They would not be here today to speak out, voice their First-Amendment right and protest against this advertisement. As I stated above, I have yet to hear an argument that speaks out against the ad itself. When these groups attack groups like Focus on the Family, this further illustrates just how threatened they feel by a pro-life message and the groups who speak to the importance of choosing life.

I think these feminist groups could find a better use their time by going after advertisements that REALLY degrade women. I have some suggestions for them- how about going after companies like Go Daddy or PETA, who degrade women regularly. Like you, I love watching the Super Bowl and the advertisements that come with it, and just like in years past, I am sure Go Daddy and PETA will go for that “shock value” as these companies do every year come Super Bowl Sunday. Where are you NOW when women like me could use some real support? Oh yeah, that’s right, you stand silent. You stood silent when Sarah, Bristol and Willow were sexually degraded and personally attacked on a daily basis, and you stand silent now. How dare you call yourselves supporters of women, when it is clear you have a hidden agenda of only standing by those who share your values?

While I do not agree at all with Hillary Clinton politically, I repeatedly posted on my blog and spoke out publicly my anger at those who attacked Hillary and degraded her. Like Sarah, Hillary was put through the ringer and did not deserve to be treated the way she was. Sarah was right when she said that it is harder to be a woman in politics. It is harder because you have feminist groups like NOW who preach tolerance and equality, but show the most hate and intolerance for women who don’t agree with them and their message. I will say that there is a difference between Sarah and Hillary. While feminist groups like NOW stood by Hillary and supported her, they remained silent when Sarah and her daughters were attacked with the vilest attacks imaginable. This is further proof that these women just don’t get it. They may claim to support all women, but we KNOW the truth.

I am so proud to be a pro-life, modern-day feminist, and I will forever be grateful to all women who choose life. It is clear that life will throw you curveballs, but it is all about how you choose to go about hitting those curveballs out of the ballpark. While abortion may seem like the easy way out, it is important to think about that little life you are carrying inside of you. Think about this little life and the contributions this little girl or boy will bring to the world around them. When you think about this, it all is put into perspective, and it all makes sense. Think about all of the babies who are aborted each year and every year. Little angels who didn’t get the choice to live. Don’t they deserve the chance to succeed? Don’t they deserve the chance to grow up and be the valedictorian, the prom queen, the star athlete, the doctor, the lawyer, the veterinarian, or the president? They sure do. They deserve the same opportunities members of so-called feminist groups have been given. I applaud CBS for doing the right thing and agreeing to air the Tebow family advertisement, and like Sarah, I hope they stand firm next to the decision to let it air!

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