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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Going Rogue was good for Palin's career

Sarah Palin who was criticized for stepping down as the Governor of Alaska has proved that "Going Rogue" can be great for a career. Hitting 33 cities in 25 states is not your usual book tour, but the best-selling author behind the book is not your typical author.

Since hitting newsstands Nov. 17, Going Rogue has spent three weeks at No. 1 on USA TODAY's best-seller list, matching the record for political memoirs, set by retired general Colin Powell in 1995. Publisher HarperCollins says it has gone back to the presses 13 times to keep up with demand and now has 2.8 million copies of Palin's book in print.

Despite losing the vice presidential candidacy, Sarah Palin turned a negative into a positive by publishing her memoirs and explaining, without a media spin, her take on a whirlwind rise to fame and time in the political spotlight.

The book tour has raised Palin's popularity to an all time high. Palin gave no interviews to local newspapers or television stations along the way, but it didn't stop the attention the tour received. When Palin did grant an interview, she took the media by storm. Palin boosted Oprah Winfrey's ratings by 68 percent, giving the show its best ratings in two years. And Palin recently put Tina Fey to shame in a brilliantly conceived skit on The Tonight Show that garnered much praise. The more she gets herself out there, it's obvious the more comfortable Palin gets in front of the camera...

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