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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Racism Game - We're Not Playing

By Adrienne Ross - www.motivationtruth.com

This morning Joshua, my Conservatives4Palin colleague, blew a hole in the stupid suggestion that Governor Palin left Hawaii after just one semester because there were too many Asians there. Here the Left goes again, trying to depict the Governor as a racist in order to do what the Left always does: play the race card. The tactic is old, tired, and played out. It only shows how utterly desperate and despicable the anklebiters are, possessing no better game plan than to smear a patriot who has shown nothing but complete love and devotion to her country and its citizens--all of them.

To the Huffington Post, in response to your asinine question, "Did Sarah Palin leave Hawaii because there were too many Asians?" I have a couple questions for you:

1. Did you read the Governor's book? In it she tells why she left Hawaii. Pick up the bestseller and enjoy the read. It'll spare you the embarrassment of asking your agenda-laden question.

2. Are you so foolish as to think that the Governor was shocked when she got to Hawaii and found Asians there? Common sense should tell you that she knew when she left Alaska for Hawaii that she was going to...well, Hawaii. She knew, therefore, Asians resided there. That didn't stop her from going, so why would it drive her away? It didn't.

This Hawaii nonsense is just the newest in a long history of "Sarah Palin is a racist" schtick. This is the first one I heard involving Asians, however. I guess the haters are strengthening their approach. Normally, it's the racism-against-Blacks smear that gets the attention. It's become a movement, albeit one without a shred of substance. But how could there be? Chris Matthews is its leader, and he doesn't have any substance either. Time and again, he has raised the issue of race when it comes to the Governor. Is Sarah Palin the poster girl for racism? Were there any Black people at the book signing?

He's so very concerned about Black people, isn't he? His concern would be heart-warming for me, a Black woman, if I thought there was a shred of sincerity in it.

Instead, he's making a mockery of those, like Dr. King, who truly stood up for racial equality and wanted people to be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Although I imagine Dr. King would have enjoyed her memoir, I find it extremely hard to believe he would have been asking how many Black people showed up at Governor Palin's book signing. I think he was deeper than that. Surely he, a worthy Nobel Peace Prize recipient, did not dedicate his life to justice and peace so some hater could count off how many Black people showed up at an event. Somehow I just know he believed all Americans worthy of better than that--and would never have used people to promote his political agenda, counting people like sheep, and masking it in concern.

I suppose Huff Po and Chris Matthews would be satisfied if Governor Palin had driven around the streets in her Going Rogue tour bus, picking up stray people and busing them to the book signing so she could have a nice photo-op and the racebaiters could be happy.

No, the Governor treats people as people. She loves her country--and this country is made up of all different kinds of people. She espouses a message of common sense conservatism, and that message is one that benefits all Americans. Lower taxes, love for our troops, less government intrusion, and respect for human life don't have race attached to them. Contrary to what the Chris Matthewses of the world would lead people to believe, those principles do not discriminate. They don't segregate whites from non-whites. They don't appeal simply to the white people of the world, which seems to be what some on the Left would have us believe. I like them just fine, and the last time I checked I was not white. The Governor doesn't have one message for Blacks, one for Asians, and one for Caucasians. There's one America, and that's the America she sees and loves.

What qualifies me to speak so authoritatively on the issue? Why should my word be taken over Chris Matthews, the Huffington Post, or others who smear Governor Palin?

I'm a firm believer of the quote, "A person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument." My experience with the Governor shows me what kind of person she is. I have been in her presence several times now, both in New York a couple times and in Alaska. Not one time has she treated me any differently than anyone else. I have been in the presence of her family members. I have talked more to Todd Palin than I have his wife. He, too, has been nothing but friendly and welcoming. I have talked extensively with the Governor's parents, and I consider them friends. Never has there been a hint of standoffishness or a tinge of racism from any of these people. When I saw the Governor in Rochester a couple weeks ago, she hugged me warmly and spoke as she would to someone she respected.

So the racism nonsense is just that: Nonsense with a captital N. Neither the Huffington Post, MSNBC, or any other racebaiter will convince me that the Governor is anything other than an upstanding citizen who is so totally free from racial bias that it doesn't play a factor in how she governed in Alaska, how she relates to people now, or the principles she holds dear.

I say again, a person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument.

America, questions about whether or not the Governor left college because she was a racist and questions about how many Black people showed up at a particular book signing are framed to insult your intelligence and play on your emotions. The truth is these foolish souls don't believe you're wise enough to catch on to the racebaiting. It's the game they try to lure you into. Let them know you're not playing.

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