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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The next chapter...

After reading Sarah Palin’s memoir, Going Rogue, I can’t help but to think what the future holds for her. With a strong will and a true grounding of personal beliefs, I believe that she will continue to play an active role in American politics. Never before have we seen a public figure effect change by merely speaking her mind unfiltered by others. Pres. Obama may have been the first national candidate to use twitter, Facebook and MySpace as campaign tools; however, it is Sarah Palin who has been able to draw attention to the health care crisis and military support among others. If Sarah Palin, a private citizen, can create this environment of fear among the liberal left then I think she has accomplished greatness. Her outspoken, unfiltered, not politically correct approach has encouraged many other women and step up and become politically active.

I have been thinking a lot lately about our Founding Fathers. I am currently preparing to take a state-wide teaching exam on U.S. History to add a certification to my teaching license. As I prepare for this test, I have been reviewing the principles that our country was founded upon. The six basic principles of the Constitution are: popular sovereignty; limited government; separation of powers; checks and balances; judicial review; and federalism.

Popular sovereignty means that all power is held by the people and that the power to govern is given through the Constitution. It seems to me that the majority of Congress has forgotten this. That WE the people have hired them and that WE the people can and will fired them if they are not and will not represent us. We must continue to stand up and participate in Tea Parties and Town Halls, if we do not use our voices we will never be heard. I have read many articles recently that describe Sarah Palin as “Sarah 2.0″. Sarah is using the social networking technology to her advantage. This is causing a lot of media on her and what she has to say. An average citizen who refuses to “sit down and shut up”.

Sarah Palin, along with Ronald Reagan, knows the true value of limited government. George Washington even warned of expanding government and becoming politically partisan in his farewell address. Government can only do what the people give it the power to do! By speaking up about government-run banks, businesses and health care. As a people, Americans must stand up and stand together to protect our right to limited government. This is the message that Sarah is working so hard to help us get through to Congress and the President.

The separation of powers and anther biggie that our Founding Fathers were very concerned about. They created 3 branches of government that are to check and balances each other out so that no one branche has more power than the others. However, as we have seen since January, more “czars” have been appointed by the current administration then any other in history. This seems to be the administration’s way of getting around the confirmation process in Congress. I have to wonder why we need so many special positions to advise our President and if this positions are truly needed why can’t they be appointed and confirmed? I also have to wonder about the judgement of those people who are choosing these close advisors – Van Jones, Anita Dunn, etc.

Judicial review is provided for in the Constitution to determine the constitutionality of government. This is a good thing; however, we must be cautious and understand the values and morals of those whom are appointed. As more supreme court justices decide to retire or become ill, who will replace them? We must be vocal in lett ing our Congress know who supports true American values and principles. This is too important a job to allow anyone to be appointed and confirmed.

The last principle our Founding Fathers viewed extremely important is federalism. They were fearful of big government and of government take over of the individual states. They were right to be fearful of this. Look at where we are today. With the stimulus funds, states are being told what building codes should be, what roads to build or repair, and what to do with unemployment benefits.

Our country was founded on sound principles and right now it looks as though the career politicians in Washington D.C. have lost touch with those principles all in search of obtaining more and more power. This is why Sarah Palin is a force in politics and will continue to be a force. Whether she ever decides to run for public office again remains to be seen. However, she will not fade quietly into the night because concerned Americans need her and she knows that. She is humble enough to know that she doesn’t need a title nor does she need the “elite” political machine. She has the support of average, everyday citizens because she is one of us. She is the real deal and that is why the left is so afraid of her. She isn’t afraid to say “bull crap” to Barbara Walters, she isn’t afraid of the party politics because she has taken them on before and has risen above.

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