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Friday, December 4, 2009

Insight From a Cool Alaskan: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

My good friend, Eddie Burke, is not only the #1 Alaska talk radio host, but an awesome writer as well. Eddie recently wrote an article about Sarah from an Alaskan's point of view. Since I am not an Alaskan, I am always on the look out for articles written by Alaskans because they know Sarah and their state better than anyone else; after all, Sarah was their governor. I have to admit that I am jealous that Alaska had a governor with such integrity and sheer grit. As a Californian, I am outraged at the RINO governor the people of my state have to put up with. My fellow Californians know what I am talking about. I did vote for my governor because he promised to clean up the corruption of California and make it a pro-business state once again. As I soon found out, my governor did not live up to his promises, and our state continues down that familiar "politics as usual" path. The people of Alaska were so blessed to have a governor like Sarah. She not only cleaned up the corruption in Alaska, but unlike my "governator," she actually did "talk the talk and walk the walk."

As we all know, Sarah had high poll numbers throughout the majority of her time as governor. When John McCain selected Sarah to be his running mate, Sarah literally went from a little-known governor of the largest state to a virtual rock star. When she
stepped out onto that stage in Ohio and began to speak, I saw what my dad and mom saw in Ronald Reagan when they had him as their governor and later their president. Sarah simply has that special something. She IS the modern-day Ronald Reagan of my generation. Individuals like Sarah don't come along everyday, and I am so glad that I am able to experience the same excitement that my parents experienced during the Reagan years. I pray that my children will have the pleasure of calling Sarah, President Palin.

Eddie Burke has known Sarah and her family for years. I am so happy to have gotten to know him too. I respect him greatly because he does everything for the right reasons. Like Sarah, he is not afraid to stand up and speak out for what is right and just. On his show, he is not afraid to tell it like it is, even when the truth may hurt a little bit. No wonder his show is #1 in AK! In Eddie's most recent article for Red County, Eddie not only writes about Sarah from an Alaskan's perspective, but he also goes into detail about the reasons behind the hate Sarah is receiving from the left in Alaska, which has a lot to do with her decision to be John McCain's running mate. Eddie also writes about the extreme steps the hateful, vengeful Alaskan bloggers took and continue to take in an effort to bring Sarah down. This article is a must-read because it will give you a lot of insight as to why many of the attacks were thrown at Sarah after she was tapped as the VP nominee. I have decided to post the article in its entirety below for you to read. I encourage you to click here to visit Red County and check it out. While you're there, make sure to leave a message of encouragement for Eddie. He is fighting the good fight, so make sure to let him know you stand with him. You can also leave a comment here on my site as well. Eddie is a regular reader of Conservative Girl with a Voice, so he will definitely see your message. I am also pleased to announce that Eddie has a greed to post articles on Conservative Girl with a Voice, and I couldn't be more thrilled! Thanks, Eddie!

I hope you enjoy the following article as much as I did:

As We Say in Alaska, "Go Sarah, Go!"

By Eddie Burke

Some people in the Lower 48 might be saying," what is with you people up in Alaska?"

You might be wondering why people in our State would kick Sarah Palin around like she's the enemy? Also, you must think some of us are crazy to file 20 Ethics complaints on our former Governor that were all dismissed? If you ask me, these people who filed the complaints are crazy!

Prior to Sarah running with McCain, her popularity in Alaska had peaked at about 92%. Sarah had bi-partisan support on Oil and Gas legislation; she signed into law new ethics laws. She actually had Democrats that were praising her. She was a "Rock-Star" in Alaska. Sarah was the most liked Governor in the nation.

But then, a knock at the door or the proverbial phone call came. "Hello," Said Sarah. "Hi, this is John McCain." Wow! Who could turn that down? But Sarah would never predict what would follow in the months and year to come. Sarah Palin would become Democrat enemy #1.

As the McCain-Palin campaign went forward, Sarah's poll numbers in Alaska went down. Sarah gave McCain the needed bump with that slam-dunk speech at the Republican National Convention. All those partisan Alaskan Democrats who liked her before were now peeling off. As Sarah ramped up the attacks on Barack Hussein Obama about his associations with known Felons, such as Bill Ayers, Democrats around the nation and here in Alaska took it personal.

Well, Sarah and McCain lost. Most conservatives never thought McCain was a good candidate to begin with and we didn't like him much, but we liked Sarah Palin and she was his only hope. Like all Presidential elections, it's never about the VP; it's about the candidate for President.. It was about John McCain, but he blew it-- not just during the campaign, but through his years of votes as a Senator.

Sarah Comes Back Home

The evening Sarah landed in Anchorage; there must have been 800-1000 people to greet her outside at the airport. For 800-1000 people to battle the cold and darkness in Alaska was considered a tremendous gathering. I know; I was there.

Within only a year after Sarah returned to Alaska, twenty ethics complaints in total would be filed. Most Alaskans thought these women were crazy after 7 or 8 had been filed and dismissed.

Bloggers made money at being "Palin Haters." They lied about many things, including an FBI Investigation, but when caught lying they never would apologize to the Governor. The FBI made an unprecedented announcement stating the FBI never did and was not investigating Sarah. But there was still no apology. All the investigations against Sarah were dismissed. Nothing alleged was true. It was all just politics and a way to get back at her. For what, you ask? She accepted a request to be the Vice Presidential nominee for the United States of America.

It was a heavy price to pay for wanting to serve your Country. Her children were thrashed and maligned. The attacks continued on the Palin's in a way that no political family has ever encountered or has ever witnessed. And liberals say they are so tolerant.

I, like most Alaskans, was embarrassed for what a few in our State would do to bring down Sarah Palin. They cost the state millions and more, but they never cared. They stalled Government, but they never cared. The onslaught of complaints literally brought our Alaska Governor and state to a halt and embarrassed the rest of us. Governor Palin stepped down to let the state move forward. She did the honorable, selfless thing.

Alaska is great state and populated with people who love our Country. Alaskans are mostly center-right people and believe in the freedom that comes with living in Alaska. We love to hunt, fish and experience the great outdoors. We struggle with the long, cold winters to be away from the urban problems that are consistent with many places in the lower 48. We depend on snowmobiles and four wheelers like many of you depend on cars and trucks. In many places in Alaska, these ATV's are the only connection from village to village. We understand the need to have Alaska's vast natural resources developed responsibly.

Because of Sarah Palin, most American families know more about Alaska today than ever before. You know we have a wealth of resources including oil, gas and mining that need to be developed and delivered to markets for your consumption.

Don't believe the liberals and "Palin Haters" who say Alaskans can't develop these resources safely. They know nothing about Alaska, they are just obstructionists who would rather you ride the bus than drive your car. Yes, Sarah Palin paid a heavy price for wanting to serve and for accepting the call. But America is better off she did. And as her father, Chuck Heath, recently said on my radio program, "You have not seen the last of Sarah Palin."

As we say in Alaska, "Go Sarah, Go!"

Eddie is conservative radio talk show host on The Eddie Burke Show, 700 AM KBYR. He can be contacted at eddie@kbyr.com. Click here to follow him on Twitter.

(I'm a Conservative Girl with a Voice. Click here to visit my blog. Click here to follow me on Twitter.)

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