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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Governor Schwarzenegger: Full of Hot Air!

A battle is brewing between California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin over climate change. Frankly, although I am a Californian, I'm all with Sarah on this one. According to an article on Foxnews.com, Arnold is accusing Sarah of wanting to be in the spotlight when it comes to the issue of climate change:

"You have to ask: what was she trying to accomplish?" Schwarzenegger told the Financial Times in an interview. "Is she really interested in this subject or is she interested in her career and in winning the (Republican presidential) nomination? You have to take all these things with a grain of salt."

A grain of salt? Governor, what we should be taking with a grain of salt is the leadership or lack thereof when it comes to how you are leading the state I call home and deeply love. I voted for the "governator," as we here in California like to call him, because he talked a good talk. He spoke of bringing people together, cleaning of corruption, creating jobs, and making California that shining city of the hill once again. Like many others, I have learned that while he may have talked a good talk, he definitely was not able to walk the walk. Now, let's look at the other side of the spectrum, shall we? Sarah not only talked the talk, but she walked the walk. Not only did she clean up the corruption in Alaska, but she investigated climate change as governor, as she stated yesterday on her Facebook page:

"Why is Governor Schwarzenegger pushing for the same sorts of policies in Copenhagen that have helped drive his state into record deficits and unemployment" She wrote. "I was among the first governors to create a sub-cabinet to deal specifically with climate change. While I and all Alaskans witness the impacts of changes in weather patterns firsthand, I have repeatedly said that we can't primarily blame man's activities for those changes. And while I did look for practical responses to those changes, what I didn't do was hamstring Alaska's job creators with burdensome regulations so that I could act 'greener than thou' when talking to reporters."

I agree with Sarah. While it is clear that weather patterns have changed, man is not solely to blame. History has proven that the climate will change over time. For my governor to assert that Sarah knows nothing about the topic of climate change is ridiculous. As a worried Californian, I would rather my governor spend his time focusing on the more serious issues at hand than climate change and taking on Sarah, a woman whom it appears he clearly is threatened by. I would like my governor to focus on the dwindling California State budget crisis. I would like my governor and state legislature to find a way to create for jobs. I would like my governor to take a stand for the hundreds of Northern California farmers who are STILL WAITING for the water to be turned back on. How could Governor Schwarzenegger even think of taking on Sarah when he clearly has so many problems of his own?

It seems clear to me that Arnold is clearly trying to boast his popularity numbers (which are in the dismal 20 percentile) by taking on Sarah. In taking Sarah on, Arnold seems to be trying to appease to the liberal California base. I guess he didn't get the memo that Sarah is more popular than ever. People are getting sick and tired of individuals taking on Sarah Palin. While many say she is a non-factor politically, then why are the liberal left and RINOs like Schwarzenegger hell-bent on taking her on? I thought they said her opinion didn't matter? These recent comments by the "governator" are proof that he does obviously care about what Sarah thinks. As governor, Sarah got down to business and did everything she could to produce real change. Arnold, maybe it's time to take some much-needed advice from Sarah on how she went about fixing the problems in her state. I am sick and tired of a governor who seems to be listening to the special interests more than to the California people. Wake up, governor! Wake up and realize that Sarah is speaking for many, including this California girl! The entire climategate scandal should be proof of just how shady many aspects of this whole global warming discussion are. Instead of calling out Sarah on issues that she does know about, my governor should be doing the work the California people elected him to do. He needs to stop traveling around the world and get back to work. In the words of Sarah, "You betcha!"

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