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Monday, November 2, 2009

Sarah: Braver Than Most- A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Perhaps the thing I admire most about Sarah Palin, other than the fact that she's a phenomenal wife and mother and advocate for special needs children and women, is the fact that she is not afraid to call out individuals regardless of party. This has been the norm for her throughout her political career. As governor, she worked with all parties, and it was a common occurrence to see her reach across the aisle. Just because Sarah stepped down from the governor's office in no way means that she is going to huddle in a corner or simply speak out in favor of all things Republican.

We saw this very recently when Sarah supported the third party candidate, Doug Hoffman, in the NY 23 race. Not only did she prove that values are more important than party, but she successfully illustrated how important the conservative base is to the Republican Party. Following her endorsement of Hoffman, Hoffman's campaign donations and volunteer levels skyrocketed. This is all because of Sarah. No other Republican name has the same power; she is a star. I believe Sarah is the reason Rino candidate, Dede Scozzafava dropped out of the race early Saturday morning. When Sarah speaks, people listen. Just in September, Scozzafava was ahead of both Hoffman and the Democratic candidate, Bill Owens. When people began to discover how liberal this woman was, they began to look elsewhere, which illustrates why the latest poll, released this past weekend, placed her behind the other two candidates.

Sarah was right yet again. When she endorsed Hoffman, many political analysts questioned her and criticized the endorsement. Some analysts said if her political career wasn't over before the endorsement, it was definitely over now. Little did they know that Sarah's endorsement of Hoffman was a slam-dunk in defining how smart she really is. I've always known how smart and savvy she is, and you have always known this as well, but many who didn't are beginning to see how right we have been all along. Furthermore, her endorsing Hoffman not only proves her political brilliance, but also illustrates how fearful so many in the Republican Party are of standing up and speaking out. While Sarah was right, Newt Gingrich was wrong. When he endorsed Scozzafava, conservatives turned on him, and I know I wouldn't want to face the wrath of the grassroots conservative political movement. I know and you know that conservatives are always going to have Gingrich's Scozzafava endorsement in the back of their minds. When he endorsed her, he stepped in a huge pile of dog do- do, and when Scozzafava turned around and endorsed the Democratic candidate, Gingrich basically was left out in the cold in the dog house. Sarah led the way for other candidates to see that it was okay and necessary to endorse Hoffman. We began to see others like Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty stand up and speak out. These individuals have Sarah to thank for leading the way to doing what is right.

While Sarah is not afraid to go against her party, when she sees that the party is moving in the wrong direction, she is also not afraid to stand with her party when she sees that it is doing the right thing. This is exactly what she did this past Friday when she posted a note on Facebook encouraging individuals to listen to the Republican Party's Saturday Address by House Minority Leader John Boehner. Like us, Sarah knows that health care reform is needed (Medicare and Medicaid reform is necessary as well), but the Democratic Party is going about reform the wrong way. She stands with Republicans agreeing that free-market principles like Tort Reform, purchasing health insurance across state lines, reigning in malpractice lawsuits and allowing individuals to, according to Boehner, "pool together" to buy insurance at lower prices are some of the options. Unlike the outrageous provisions sought by the Democrats, these are real solutions that will not only drive down health care costs, but also allow people to have choice when it comes to their health care decisions without government interference. The government is the problem, not the solution. I sure as hell don't want the government controlling my health care decision. Do you?

Like the good parent she is, Sarah is not afraid to chastise her party when it does wrong and praise it when it does right. What an awesome woman! As I have repeatedly noted, the Republican Party finds itself out in the wilderness. While they are out in the wilderness, Sarah is waiting at home with the porch light on, and she is going to do everything in her power to help her party see the light. In praising Boehner and the Republican Party, she seemed to be saying, "I will stand with my party when it does the right thing, but I will also call my party out when it veers away from its conservative principles." Way to go, Sarah! When so many make the mistake of following the herd, you take a different path, the right path. You illustrate that the status quo is not always the right option. On the contrary, most of the time it is the wrong option. You are not afraid to stand up and speak out, which is so refreshing and http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifinspiring. With Sarah leading the way, America will once again see the Republican Party that accomplished so much during the years of Ronald Reagan. America will prosper once again as long as we as conservatives stand together and hold the Republican Party accountable. Dede Scozzafava learned a valuable lesson this past week. She learned that if you turn on the conservative base, you will not succeed and win the war. Let's hope others will to Scozzafava, the candidate, as an example of what happens when you turn on the all-too-important conservative base. Sarah knows this, and you and I know this too.

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  1. Nail meet head. She is awesome. When are people going to learn she is the real deal? Reagan would be proud.

    Gingrich? Done.