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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

KNOW, Not No! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

I love what a congressman said recently. He said the Republican Party IS the party of know, that's K-N-O-W! Well, I have to agree that at least one prominent Republican Party member knows what's going on: Sarah Palin. I wanted to write a short random thought post today to salute Sarah as an individual who truly knows what is going on. She realizes what so many have yet to understand: Values matter over party.

On this mid-term election day, there are elections happening in many states throughout the country, but the most talked-about elections are occurring in Virginia, New York and New Jersey. Sarah has let her opinion be known, and once again, the media have turned her endorsements into an opportunity to criticize her. I get a kick how msm networks like MSNBC are looking at Sarah as interfering with the elections in endorsing candidates when politicians do this each and everyday. Although you and I know this to be the case, there is just something about Sarah that sets people on fire.

Sarah is a game changer, pure and simple. It is because of Sarah that Doug Hoffman is doing so well. While he speaks the message of conservative values and common sense, it wasn't until Sarah endorsed him that the entire country became fired up. People opened up their wallets and flocked to New York to volunteer, which not only speaks volumes regarding the power Sarah has, but to the power the conservative message is beginning to have across the country. While networks like MSNBC may try everything in their power to say Sarah should stay out of elections in the lower 48, we know better. Rush Limbaugh put it best on today's show when he said the reason why the msm and liberal Democrats want her to keep her mouth shut is because they fear her; it's as simple as that.

You just watch to see what happens tonight. I'm predicting that if the Republican Party and the Conservative Party are successful, the msm will do two things. They will try to spin it that the Republican Party is split between the moderates and conservatives, and they will blame people like Sarah, whom they like to call "extremists" or "purists" for this. Little do they know that we are on to their game. They would rather Sarah just stay up in Alaska and as radical, liberal, loon blogger extraordinaire, Shannyn Moore, recently put it "bake cookies and take care of the kids." I'd hate to tell Shannyn and her fellow liberal daycare center buddies that Sarah isn't going anywhere; on the contrary, she's here to stay!!!

Today's election is further proof of just how powerful and in-the-"KNOW" Sarah is. People are sick and tired of the Washington as usual political climate. Although the Democrats will still be in control of both houses of Congress and the White House come tomorrow, today's election may foreshadow what could happen come 2010 and 2012. It is important that we stick to our conservative principles because if we do, we will not falter, and we will not fail. While the Republican Party should be open to anyone, the party should in no way, shape or form change its values or principles. The Republican Party needs to return to the principles that made it the great party it was under Ronald Reagan.

It is crucial that the Republican Party finds its way back home, for its success is riding on it. Sarah is the Ronald Reagan of my generation, and I know that with her at the helm of the conservative movement, America will prosper and flourish, and, fellow readers, I have a feeling that what happens today is just the beginning of a conservative movement that will only get bigger and, in turn, conquer in the end.

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