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Monday, November 16, 2009



Columnist Walter Shapiro predictably helped to launch a Palin Derailment movement today with his article:  "How Palin Could Win the 2012 GOP Nomination." You can read his article here: SHAPIRO  But I would encourage you not to waste your time.

Shapiro, like many other columnists and politicos are speculating on how the numbers game will turn out for the 2012 election.  To wit: "...This is Palin time whether you believe that she is "The Divine Sarah" (as Sarah Bernhardt was once known) or the 21st century version of Barry Goldwater who will lead the Republican Party into the abyss. True believers stress her megawatt incandescence and her Facebook leadership of the conservative tea-party movement at time when all other Republicans seem pallid. Skeptics scoff at the hoopla and argue that the Republican establishment would never nominate someone who, according to a recent CNN/Opinion Research poll, 71 percent of voters describe as "not qualified to be president.."

CNN/Opinion Research poll?

His analysis is quite correct if you assess the political winds according to politics as usual.  But what he and the "inside-the-beltway-genre" do not get yet is that it is no longer politics as usual. Never mind the Town Hall meeting crowds. Don't even take into consideration the "House Call" turnout last week, called out by Representative Michele Bachmann.  And forget about the massive 1.2 million Washington D.C. turn out in September, and the Conservative Constitutional Convention happening at this very moment.

Newton Gingrich has also tried to spin the various movements into another "contract with America."  But he doesn't get it either.

When has anyone seen this kind of turn out, this kind of involvement, this kind of grass-roots organization by any political group in recent history? Even Ronald Reagan did not have a grass-roots movement such as this. I am leaving out the Barack Obama Presidential campaign, because that was driven by a candidate, with all the attendant rhetoric, big money and campaign promises that go with a campaign.

In fact, It is quite the opposite.  The Conservative movements have no candidates. The movement is driving the candidates.  If New York 23 told any tale, it was, that if you want the grass roots Conservative support you had better be the Conservative that talks the talk and walks the walk.  Hoffman of NY23, a complete unknown, nearly beat his well-known Democrat Opponent, and in fact, the votes are not all in yet, and the outcome of that election might still change due to absentee ballot inclusions.

In typical Beltway Zombiness Shapiro expounds, "But Palin would not be a lucky fringe candidate who won a caucus or two; she would be a universally known charismatic figure who could beat the party establishment in this conservative state."  (South Carolina).  Get that?  "Universally known charismatic figure."

According to Shapiro-politics-as-usual dynamics, Sarah Palin's possible candidacy has nothing to do with how accurately she represents  the Conservative Movement's  agenda.  Shaprio, Beltway, & Co. are stuck in the National Socialist Obama Mesmerization campaign mode.

What the National Socialist Democrats, the "Moderate" Republicans, and their mouth-pieces don't get, is that if Sarah Palin fell on her head and suddenly started spouting liberal rhetoric, the Conservative Movement would shift its focus to someone who would represent them.  They don't get that it's not the candidate.

It's the Constitution, Stupid.

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