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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sarah Palin Was LinkedIn Months Before Leaving the Governor's Office

As I write, the liberal media is having a feeding frenzy over the fact that Sarah Palin has a LinkedIn account and is spinning it to imply that she is job hunting throught LinkedIn.

On October 19, CNN trumpeted:

Sarah Palin has placed her resume on LinkedIn.

Known as the “Facebook for professionals,” LinkedIn is a social media
site that displays more than 50 million people’s resumes and allows for virtual
business networking for those interested in keeping in touch or finding a job.
Palin’s resume includes her position as “Vice Presidential Candidate” for the
2008 election and goes back to 1992 where she was the Council Member for the
Wasilla City Council.

George Stephanopolous opined:

How do you go about changing careers in the modern, digital age? Is it any
different for politicians? If former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is an example,
perhaps not.

First, you resign from your current job. Check.

Next, you make yourself visible to potential new employers. Check,

Mr. Stephanopolous should have checked his facts. Governor Palin had a LinkedIn account months before she left office and possibly longer.

The Examiner chimed in:

Sarah Palin joined the social media site LinkedIn over the weekend, posting her resume online. She
posts that she is looking for "job inquiries" and "business deals."

Did it ever occur to anyone that "job inquiries" could be aimed at potential employees?

As with all things Sarah Palin, the "news" spread like wildfire and even reached foreign papers such as the Telegraph, Yeni Safak, and the Hindustan Times.

Late Friday night (11:36 PM EST, to be exact), I added a link to Governor Palin's LinkedIn account to her contact information on the Sarah Palin Information Blog. Due to the timing, I suspect that a Palin distractor discovered the link and passed it on. This may or may not be the case, but the fact remains that my well-intended post may have been misused by those who do not have Governor Palin's best interest at heart.

One clue that this story may have started with a Sarah Palin distractor is that the Huffington Post was one of the first - possibly the first - to post the story. Authors at the Huffington Post habitually write disparaging articles about Sarah Palin.

HuffPo writes (emphasis mine):

Sarah Palin has joined LinkedIn. And guess what? She's interested in "job

The former Alaska governor has posted her resume on the professional
social-networking web site LinkedIn. The service boasts over 45 million users
who connect and refer colleagues. Instead of using the Facebook term "friends,"
LinkedIn users have "connections." Palin had over 500 connections as of
Saturday evening.

The URL for Palin's LinkedIn profile uses "/governorpalin" despite the
fact that Palin resigned from her job as Alaska's governor in July 2009.

CNN also posted the story on October 18. That article has been removed from the CNN site and replaced by one dated October 19.

I first became aware that Sarah Palin had a LinkedIn account on August 18, when a friend on Twitter asked me if I was LinkedIn to Governor Palin and subsequently tweeted me the URL for her LinkedIn account. At that time, I was not familiar with LinkedIn. However, my friend and colleague Ron Devito has been LinkedIn with Sarah Palin since March of this year. That is well before she left the Governor's office.

Obviously, she was still Governor when she set up the LinkedIn account - hence the URL. But as a former Governor, she retains the right to use the title. In fact, she does so on her Facebook page. She also lists the URLs for SarahPAC as well as her LinkedIn page on the Info page of her Facebook account.

This is just another example of how misinformation about Sarah Palin starts with a distractor and spreads through the mainstream media as if it is factual. This blog is an attempt to set the record straight on this one media brush fire.


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