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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nonsensical LinkedIn Allegations about Gov. Palin

Over the past few days, mainstream media reports have been circulating that Governor Palin "posted her resume on LinkedIn," "is looking for work," and still using her gubernatorial title. These reports -- as usual are aimed at discrediting Governor Palin. Fay delineated these reports in detail in her prior post.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for professional networking. Think of LinkedIn as an online equivalent to a business conference where you meet new contacts and give them your business card. Anyone who joins must fill out an extensive profile, and the profile is not complete until three recommendations are secured. That profile is in essence your resume, and that is a logical expectation for this type of social network. Governor Palin indeed "posted her resume" on LinkedIn, because the resume is the basis of a LinkedIn user profile. Her LinkedIn profile is several months old.

LinkedIn is not just for people looking for work. In fact, LinkedIn is most frequently used by colleagues, vendors and contractors staying in touch with their clients and associates. There are no "friends" or "buddies" on LinkedIn. Everyone is a "connection."

I have two LinkedIn accounts, a personal one and one through my job. Being happily employed, I am most decidedly not looking for work with either of my accounts. The work account is used for on-the-job colleague, vendor and contractor contact; the personal account is used for colleagues, both on the job and in my work related to advancing Governor Palin's interests. Several classmates from my old MBA courses are connections of mine at LinkedIn.

And...saving the best for last: I am proud to have Governor Palin as one of my connections -- since March 31, 2009 at 1531 EST. I am humbled and grateful that she accepted me to be one of her connections -- an honor indeed.

Governor Palin and LinkedIn

Governor Palin's LinkedIn account has been posted on her Facebook page since time immemorial. It is a well-known professional courtesy that someone who has held an office retains honorary use of the title until the next office is held. This is why, we still refer to her as "Governor Palin."

When Governor Palin and I connected on LinkedIn, she had a little over 100 connections. Now, that number is well over 500.

Because LinkedIn is demanding to setup, its user base is considerably smaller than Facebook.

Governor Palin -- Pure Energy and Always on the Move

In case the reporters covering this matter missed the memo, Governor Palin is:

  1. a highly probable 2012 GOP POTUS candidate

  2. a book author

  3. a professional speaker

  4. CEO of a Political Action Committee (PAC)

  5. In the process of starting a new political issues organization that will complement aforementioned PAC

  6. an employee on her husband's commercial fishing boat

Her expected income this year including seven months of gubernatorial pay is expected to be well into the seven digits.

She is working very hard, and never tires. Her hours are likely the same as they were before: 3 AM to Midnight, seven days a week.

The insinuation that she is using LinkedIn for a job hunt is patently absurd and asinine.

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