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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flashback: VP Debate -- October 2, 2008

Full Debate, running time: 1:32:31

Highlights, running time: 0:06:07
Thanks to Whitney the Pipsqueak who posted this originally on The Palination and LOTUS

Get yourself a bowl of MooseTracks® ice cream (Governor Palin's favorite), darken the room, sit down and enjoy the show. If you don't have time for the complete version, the highlights capture the salient points in just over six minutes, and you can see Governor Palin's Reagan Conservatism on display. In fact, the highlights make it all the more apparent.

Governor Palin's enemies made much hay about her four winks -- which I happened to find beautiful and appropriate -- especially considering that at least one out of the four was directed at her father, Chuck Heath. Perhaps, this was because Governor Palin's enemies were unable to address the substance of her words, which ring even more true today than they did a year and a day ago.

An interesting side story to the debate is that Governor Palin had injured her right hand from a fall she took while jogging at John McCain's ranch. The large square object on her right hand in photos dated October 2, 2008 through October 11, 2008 is a bandage covering the wound. Just like in that Wasilla Warriors basketball game more than two decades earlier, Governor Palin overcame her physical pain to bring home a victory.

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