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Friday, October 2, 2009

Forget Diamonds! A First Dude is a Girl's Best Friend: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Sorry, President Obama, but you can’t always get what you want. Like us mere mortals, you’ll find that you’ll win some battles and you’ll lose some battles. It must really burn our president up that he finally couldn’t get what he wanted with the simple flash of a smile or a wink and a nod. As many of you know, I blogged about how terrible a decision it was for our president to go away on a last-minute trip like this when we have so many critical issues facing our country. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Michelle Obama going to lobby for events like the Olympics; in fact, I see this as a great thing. I watched our First Lady give her speech in front of the IOC and felt that she did a very good job in spreading the message about the city of Chicago. I wondered to myself: “Why did the president to travel all this way to say what the first lady said so eloquently?

The entire trip cost more than $900,000. The U.S. delegation did not take one, but two planes. This group, a mixture of U.S. Olympic officials, celebrities and members of Obama Administration, had enough star power. When I found President Obama was going to travel to Copenhagen, I immediately saw this as a slap in the face to his wife. Did he not think she was up to the job? Michelle is a smart, strong woman, who held a high-profile job at one time in her life. She is more than capable to stand on her own two feet. This is what separates Barack and Michelle Obama from Todd and Sarah Palin. Unlike President Obama, Todd allows his wife to stand on her own two feet, and he supports her. You can tell they have a great marriage because they know what is important to each other, and they believe in each other. Todd is not scared of being a married to powerful woman, but apparently President Obama is.

I have to wonder if President Obama’s Messiah complex set in? It is no secret that Obama is in love with himself. I really don’t think he thought he was going to lose- I really don’t. I betcha Obama figured out that if he showed up, a 2016 Chicago Olympics was a sure bet. A lot of you are not going to like this, but, for perhaps the first time, I actually feel sorry for Michelle Obama. I feel this way because if I was in her shoes, I would be confident that I could perform the task I had been asked to do. I would not need someone do my job for me. You all have to remember that Michelle has been on the planning delegation for a long period time, and she always planned on travelling to Copenhagen to address the IOC. As a member of the delegation, Michelle knew the message they hoped to convey, and she knew her city.

There is only one reason why President Obama traveled over to Copenhagen: He wanted to make the event all about him. This was more than apparent in the speech he gave last night. Throughout the entire speech, he repeatedly used “I” and ‘Me” when addressing the IOC. I had to laugh when he said election night was not about him. Obama said the people did not show up at Grant Park for him, but instead to celebrate democracy in action. Give me a break. He really expects us to believe that? He knew good and well those people showed up and waited hours to hail him as king. He thinks we’re dumb enough to really believe that those folks who showed up at that park were there to see Michelle or the kids? This speaks volumes about Barack Obama the man, Barack Obama the husband. This is what separates a man from a boy.

Todd is a remarkable man. He is not afraid to let his wife hold a powerful job and receive attention. He is not afraid to take care of the kids and drive carpool. He is not afraid because he is comfortable in his own skin. It takes a certain type of individual and Todd is this person. He has no problem nurturing his kids and showing them affection. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty. Todd is one cool dude. He is a successful man too. He owns a commercial fishing business, races snow machines in sub-zero weather, and until recently was a North Slope employee. It doesn’t hurt that he can change a diaper too- he’s the kind of guy every girl wishes to end up with. Sarah is as lucky to have him, as he is to have her. I know he is not technically the first dude anymore, but he will always be first dude in my book for the way in which he supports his wife. Sarah is so lucky to have a husband who supports her and allows her to be the strong woman she is. What an amazing couple.

Readers, Todd Palin is more of a man than Barack Obama will ever be. While Todd believes in his wife, knowing she was made to do great things, the same cannot be said for President Obama. While he may have let his wife have a great, successful career, he couldn't give the spotlight to his more-than-capable wife. He could not allow her to have this moment. This speaks volumes. Once again, President Obama chose his job and image of how he is seen around the world over his own family. I think he assumed he was going to win the 2016 Olympic bid and come back to a heroes welcome. Little did he know that his Messiah complex was running on empty. Instead of coming home victorious, he came home with a bruised ego. He came home a loser. For once, his charismatic appeal did not win over the crowd. Unlike Todd, Barack could not take a step back to allow his wife to rise above the fray, to rise above his ego. I find this very unfortunate. For a man who speaks of equality and women’s rights, he sure doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Todd is the epitome of what is means to be a great husband and father. He is a stronger man than Barack will ever be. He is not afraid to take charge when he needs to, but is also not afraid to sit back and let his wife have her day. President Obama has a lot to learn from a man like Todd, but then again, Barack will never be half the man Todd is, for Todd will forever be the first dude.

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  1. You stated the situation and comparison between these two totally different men succinctly and right-on-the-mark! It's certainly a fascinating comparison of character and what makes both men tick - and in all instances, Oblabla comes out a very poor second! Character can't be taught - and these two men (and the contrast between them) illustrate that perfectly. Listen, Dennis Thatcher was such a man - deeply in love with his wife & vice versa, and was always happy to be the husband of the PM - and ALWAYS supportive of his wife throughout her political career. When he passed away, in fact, something inside her, too, died a little - they were that close. Of course, I just love the image (still only in my mind, of course) of Todd as First Dude in the WH - wouldn't that be a sight for sore eyes?!?