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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Washington Speakers Bureau Confirmed

News reports that Governor Palin has retained the Washington Speakers Bureau exclusively to handle her commercial speaking ventures are correct and verified true (Speakers, 2009, ¶1).


This is a significant accomplishment item for Governor Palin on many levels. First, no ordinary individual can sign up with a speaker's bureau. A speaker must have some cachet that will bring the bureau revenue. A person who earns a substantial honorarium must be an expert in oral communication. Despite claims by her enemies, Governor Palin is an expert speaker, and the Washington Speakers Bureau recognizes her expertise. Governor Palin has more than earned this honor.

Her association with this bureau also reflects Sarah Palin's recognition that the high volume of invitations she has received warrants a staff whose profession is speaking events management. The role of SarahPAC after all is to be a Political Action Committee. Involvement with all the details pertaining to even one invitation distracts from a PAC's core function. Retaining the Washington Speaker's Bureau was a wise decision.

Finally, the top flight speaking engagements Governor Palin will conduct via the Washington Speakers Bureau will give her more global experience. The forthcoming speech in Hong Kong is just one example of this and could be a defining moment in her career. As Gary P. Jackson spent considerable time in his entry, and as was documented soon after the inception of Accomplishments, Governor Palin already has significant foreign policy and foreign trade experience. Meetings with foreign dignitaries were routine for her. As previously documented, Alaska had $3.6 billion in exports and that was considered a "bad year." Anchorage is the midpoint on air routes to places such as Hong Kong, and Tokyo. This speaking engagement will give Governor Palin foreign trade experience -- from Hong Kong's perspective. She will gain first-hand knowledge of another culture, language and customs that simply does not come alive from binders and books. Each carefully chosen engagement in a foreign country will give her that country's perspective.

Hong Kong is especially fitting, for it is a Special Administrative Region in the People's Republic of China. Hong Kong works so well that Communist China left that city's capitalist system intact! This speaks volumes as to the stark difference between Governor Palin and the current tenant of the White House, who is an unabashed Marxist.

Each engagement is preparatory work for doing something she is used to doing, but on a much larger scale. A governor after all is essentially President, CEO, and Commander-in-Chief of a state. With her retention of the Washington Speakers Bureau and these speaking engagements, Governor Palin will be even more prepared to be President Palin.....


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