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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sarah Speaks Out: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Last night Sarah wowed Hong Kong as she spoke from the heart. Like many of you, I anticipated this speech at the conference sponsored by the investment firm CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, and I prayed that God would guide her as she addressed the crowd. While the speech was closed to reporters (which is not uncommon), the AP was lucky enough to get a copy of the speech from an attendee who videotaped it. Although the speech was closed to the press, a few attendees were nice enough to tweet as Sarah spoke (without a teleprompter I might add). What an amazing technological world we live in. It was so fun to be able to read the tweets of those lucky enough to get a seat to the event. A couple of individuals who tweeted from the event were Cameron Sinclair (@casinclair) and @cellomonkey. Since the speech aired at 9:30 p.m. Pacific time, it was nice that I got to share this great experience with so many of my twitter friends and followers. While so many look down upon social network sites like Twitter and Facebook, the power and influence these websites hold are undeniable. Sarah even mentioned how much she loves Twitter and Facebook at the close of her appearance.

As I read each tweet, the two individuals tweeted, I saw the Sarah so many of us have come to know and love. According to an article from The Wall Street Journal, Sarah cited two former leaders, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, as guides for how to get out of the current economic situation we find ourselves in. As she spoke, she held firm to the common sense ideals that are so desperately needed during these turbulent political times. In doing so, Sarah discussed important issues like health care and the current budget deficit; she also spoke of China. While speaking, Sarah remained vigilant in her belief that the Obama Administration is spending too much and growing the size of government:

"We got into this mess because of government interference in the first place.... We're not interested in government fixes, we're interested in freedom (The Wall Street Journal)."

In discussing health care, Sarah defended her previous statements about the "death panels" and blasted the government for thinking it can be successful when it has shown that it hasn't been in the past:

"It's just common sense that government attempts to solve problems like [the] health care problem will just create new problems (The Wall Street Journal)."

She also discussed the way in which real health care reform can be achieved by calling for "market friendly" reform in the form of tax breaks to individuals so that they can go out and purchase their own plans. In the past, she has also argued that individuals should be able to buy health insurance outside state lines, which in turn would drive down health care costs.

In terms of foreign policy, Sarah reiterated her message that we must continue the global fight against the war on terror, and according to The Wall Street Journal:

"Her speech marks an effort to reach out to an international audience and define her political identity since resigning from office earlier this year. Ms. Palin is among a handful of high-profile Republicans seeking a path back to power for a party that lost control of both houses of Congress and White House in last year's U.S. elections"

While this is true, it is also important to note that Sarah didn't place sole blame on the Democratic Party. She blamed both parties for the budget deficit and excessive spending. Sarah also blasted the Federal Reserve as The Wall Street Journal reports:

"Ms. Palin blamed the U.S. Federal Reserve's low interest-rate policy of previous years for setting the stage for last year's global financial crisis. She opposed appointing the Fed as the chief overseer of systemic risk in the U.S. financial system. 'The words fox and henhouse come to mind. The Fed's decisions have created the bubble.'"

Well said, Sarah. In bailing out banks and auto makers, the United State's government is walking down a slippery slope of full-on government control, which suggests Progressivism and opens the door to socialism.

Perhaps my favorite part of the speech was when she spoke of two greats: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. These two individuals are big heroes in my book because they illustrate the phenomenal traits of what it is to be successful leaders. According to The Wall Street Journal:

"She described her political philosophy as a 'common-sense conservatism,' and said the free-market policies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher should be guides for how to get out of the current economic situation. 'Liberalism holds that there is no human problem that government can't fix if only the right people are put in charge,' she said"

When the government begins to have greater control over our lives, where is the stopping point? One does not have to look far to see that the government seems to mess up every industry it comes into contact with. Examples include the Post Office, car industry and banks. Sarah is not afraid to say it like it is, which is so refreshing during a time in which it is hard to believe any politician. It seems that as soon as politicians arrive in Washington, they forget about those whom they were elected to serve, as Sarah would put it, us folks on "Mainstreet U.S.A."

Overall, the reports by the msm have been favorable toward the job Sarah did in giving the speech. Sarah not only proved that she is not going anywhere, but that she is in it for the long haul. Furthermore, she is going to continue to dominate the 24-hour news cycle whenever she she speaks out on issues that concern us "Mainstreet U.S.A." folks. As I read and let my Twitter friends and followers know about @casinclair and @cellomonkey"s tweets, I was lucky enough to receive the following tweet from Cameron Sinclair (@casinclair), who is also scheduled to speak at the conference:

@rachellefriberg OK speech with occasional hits. Interesting Palin attacked GOP more than Dems.

Like many, I view her speech as more than "OK," but I do agree with the point Sinclair made regarding Sarah attacking Republicans more than she did Democrats. I tweeted Mr. Sinclair back the following tweet:

@casinclair Thanks so much 4 tweeting us updates-I know that took a lot of fast-thinking :) I really admire Palin's independent streak.

Sarah is not afraid to speak out. She could care less about party because she cares more about speaking the truth and keeping our elected officials honest. Just because politicians have a "D" or "R" after their names, does not mean that they are right or wrong 100% of the time. It is important that we care less about what party someone belongs to and more about what they are actually say and believe. While Sinclair personally tweeted me last night, The New York Times published a story about Sarah's speech in which they said:

"Cameron Sinclair, another speaker at the event, said Mrs. Palin emphasized the need for a grassroots rebirth of the Republican Party driven by party leaders outside Washington."

While it is true Sinclair said this, he didn't say it to The New York Times, as he tweeted earlier today; instead, Sinclair posted the above comment over on his Facebook page. Isn't The New York Times sneaky? While I can say that I did directly hear from Sinclair himself, The New York Times did not. How awesome is that? I guess this paper did not or could not get into contact with Sinclair, so they took took it upon themselves to get the information directly from his Facebook page. I find it pretty cool that a normal everyday blogger like myself personally communicated with Sinclair, while a major newspaper could not. Man, oh man, how I love the power of Twitter.

In closing, I have to say how proud I am of Sarah and how honored I am to be one of her many supporters. Once again, Sarah spoke from the heart her valuable common sense message. She reiterated what we already know: Sarah is a woman who does not walk with the Washington herd. She is a true maverick who is saying and doing great things. Even though many do not always agree with her, it is clear they take notice whenever she speaks. In speaking on the same day as President Obama, she gave me hope, while the president did not. Sarah actually gave some remedies as to how we can heal our nation, while President Obama seemed to imply a one-world order in which we will all be on the same playing field, which is a scary thought given the power America holds. We are a country that is based of capitalism, the engine that drives our economy. We should be proud of our country. Why should we sacrifice any of this?

Many countries are oppressed and do not have the freedoms we, in America, have. What is so wrong with saying we are a great, strong country? What is so wrong with being proud? What is so wrong with supporting other countries such as Israel? While Obama apologizes for the actions of America, Sarah has always been proud to be an American and proud of what America stands for. This is so apparent in the way in which she speaks time and time again about America and those of us who live here. This is the kind of leader I want. This is the kind of leader I want speaking out for me. Sarah is a woman who is not afraid to speak of the love she has for her country. She is also not afraid to speak out on how American policy can be improved. Sarah's straight- shooting style is a refreshing change of pace from the ever-growing politics-as-usual mindset.

(I'm a Conservative Girl with a Voice!!! Visit my blog and become a follower: http://www.conservativegirlwithavoice.com. I'm on Twitter too @rachellefriberg)

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